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Last updated: June 06, 2016

Portable medical casegoods & cabinetry help control infection

portable medical case goods and cabinetryThe fact that portable medical casegoods and cabinetry are available in a host of laminate and solid surface designs was of extreme fortune for an 181-bed hospital who needed to expand, while causing as little disruption as possible to the existing environment. It made establishing a warm and welcoming setting all that more easy. These aesthetically-pleasing clinical cabinets and hospital furniture were angled and used for the purpose of housing plumbing fixtures under the sink. Solid surfaces with integrated sinks and laminate cabinets also help control any risk of infection. Portable medical casegoods and cabinetry can be used for other applications, in addition to a hospital setting. Click here for more. 

Clinical cabinets & hospital furniture reduce noise improving productivity

clinical cabinets and hospital furnitureThe need to expand led to the construction of a new hospital wing dedicated to labor and delivery. And, with it, the needs of intensive care unit (ICU) patients could be met with improved efficiency. The addition of the new wing would mean an increase in patient volume, as well as physical noise. The portable medical casegoods and cabinetry minimize the sounds made when using them, without any hassle. This is because, in this case, drawers for the clinical cabinets and hospital furniture included soft close under mounts, which effectively reduce the level of noise. And, with less distractions to concern themselves with, hospital staff can be increasing productive. There are several reasons to choose clinical cabinets and hospital furniture to fulfill the needs of your project. Click here to learn more. 

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