Our installation videos page gives a visual overview of some of the products and systems we sell, service, and maintain. These high-capacity storage systems are versatile and can be used in various applications, including offices, museums, athletics, police stations, manufacturing, and distribution centers.

Mobile High-Density Shelving Installation

Mobile High-Density Shelving Installation (see more high-density videos)

Vertical Lift Module Installation

Vertical Lift Module Installation (see more vertical lift module videos)

Mobile High Bay Shelving Installation

Mobile High Bay Shelving Installation

High Density Mobile Book Shelving

High-Density Mobile Book Shelving

Mobile Compact Pallet Rack Installation

Mobile Compact Pallet Rack Installation (see more compact pallet rack videos)

Our space-saving products, like high-density shelving, compact pallet racks, and high bay shelving, will maximize your building’s storage space. These storage solutions will essentially double your storage capacity in the same space as conventional storage equipment or reduce your storage space in half.

We also show videos of our automated storage equipment being installed. These ergonomic automated storage and retrieval systems will provide space savings of up to 80%, productivity enhancements of up to 70%, and a 99% picking accuracy rate. In addition to these benefits, they manage inventory counts and kit parts for batch order picking to boost your business efficiency.

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