If you manage an automotive repair shop or dealership, you know that the right automotive storage solutions, such as automotive storage racks, can lead to better customer service. Your staff needs access to their tools and parts in a timely fashion. Additionally, poor auto storage can lead to misplacement, unexpected stockouts, inaccurate inventories, and slow-moving operations. 

That’s why Southwest Solutions Group® is committed to supplying innovative, practical automotive parts storage systems. Our products allow for safe storage, easy monitoring, and efficient management of your inventory. 

The Benefits of Automotive Storage Solutions

In a busy auto garage, your employees face customer needs like tire changes, timing belt replacement, alignment tune-ups, and more. Each solution often requires unique tools and parts, so good organization is critical. 

Some of the key benefits of our auto storage solutions include:

Faster Workflow for Speedier Service 

Effective automotive storage systems, including tire storage systems, ensure that your staff spends more time on their tasks instead of searching for the right tools. Our specialty overhead lifts and carousels provide access to items stored in specialty application areas such as large parts and tires. These lifts can free up more floor space by maximizing your use of overhead space. 

Automated storage shuttles and carousels are a smart ergonomic option that can limit the number of times your employees have to rise, bend, and lift, helping to lower injury rates and sick days. These automotive racks also localize your parts to one particular area, delivering them to mechanics and staff whenever they’re required. 

Simple and Accurate Inventory Management with Automotive Storage Cabinets

Good automotive parts storage ensures that your inventory records are always accurate. Automotive shelving and racks like high-density shelving and mobile racks make it easy for you and your employees to immediately assess your inventory of parts, equipment, and tools. This solution simplifies inventory management and boosts efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

Automotive Shelving Gives You More Floor Space

Floor space is at a premium for any business, but especially for an automotive company. The more floor space you can create, the more vehicles your team can work on at the same time, speeding up your project completion and increasing your income. Our automotive storage racks, shelving, drawers, and automotive storage parts mezzanines can double or even triple your storage capacity.

Lower Your Inventory Cost with Auto Storage

A hectic environment makes it easy to lose or misplace expensive tools. A great option to protect your valuable inventory is high-security key cabinets, which reduce inventory shrinkage and ensures that only approved team members have access to it.  

Establishing an organized and efficient dealership or auto repair shop is critical for your employees, customers, and bottom line. Automotive storage solutions improve operations, lower costs, and provide a safer work environment for your staff.

Talk to Auto Storage Solution Experts

Southwest Solutions Group® is a global leader in designing, installing, and servicing automotive storage solutions. We believe that the right storage solutions can help your business thrive. Have questions about automotive shelvingwire cases and partitions, or even tire storage solutions? Call us at (866) 447-3848 or contact us to request a quote today. 

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