Reduce Your File Storage Footprint

sliding pull out vertical office storage shelving cabinetIf you’re still using lateral file cabinets, you may be wasting space and losing efficiency. Not only do these types of file cabinets take up a large footprint, but they can only store top-tab files and can be difficult to use due to lack of visibility. Pull-out shelving makes this an easy task, all in one compact footprint. Simply slide the shelves out from the wall when you need to access stored items, then slide it back in when you’re done. This way, the shelving doesn’t needlessly use up your space when it’s not being used. Click here to learn more about the sliding vertical office cabinet organizers.

Pull-Out Vertical Cabinets Double Your Storage Capacity

The sliding pull-out storage shelving is an instant way to double your storage capacity. Without a fixed rail system installed on your floor (which would incur more time and costs due to building renovation), the pull-out shelving can easily be installed into small spaces and wall cavities. The units are available with a cantilever base for any type of floor, including carpeted areas, or a wheeled base for hard-surface floors. Since there are no fixed rails, the system can be relocated anytime should your needs change. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, and finishes to match the shelves to your existing decor.

Pull out Retracting Wall Cabinet

The vertical pull-out shelves are even easier for employees to use. The effortless pull-out motion and handle provide quick access to records, materials, supplies, and other items stored on the shelves. Since there are no aisles required for this system, it easily fits into alcoves, tight spaces, between columns, and other areas where vertical and lateral filing cabinets just don’t fit.

By reducing your footprint, you can store materials closer to the point of use and improve ease of access to facilitate better productivity in your workplace. The sliding pull-out vertical storage shelving is a great way to store side tab files, sheet music folios, books, binders, video and audio files, and more. Multiple locking options can also be included with the shelving for security.

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