Spacesaver® QuickSpace Sliding Shelving and Pull Out Wall Filing Cabinets

QuickSpace-adjustable-shelving-cabinet-storageSpacesaver QuickSpace Sliding Shelving and pull-out wall filing cabinets are unique storage units that maximize the use of your floor space (view QuickSpace images). These pull-out wall filing cabinets slide in and out to save space. QuickSpace cabinets offer space savings, storage flexibility, and a contemporary design to your office space. Each storage system unit consists of several sliding shelving units that easily roll in and out independently of each other.

QuickSpace Pull Out Wall Cabinets Storage Sizes

QuickSpace Sliding ShelvingQuickSpace cabinets are available in a variety of standard widths, depths, and heights to meet your storage requirements. Standard shelving widths include 24″, 30″, and 36″, and shelving standard depths include 12″, 15″, and 18″. You can customize your storage system by mixing different shelving depths within the same system. The unit’s shelves adjust easily to provide storage flexibility for different material heights. These units work great for storing file folders, binders, office supplies, sheet music, boxes, parts, and medical supplies. Pull-out cabinets can be easily added onto as your business grows, and are easy to relocate when you move or remodel. QuickSpace sliding shelving is available in several finishes to complement virtually any interior office decor.

QuickSpace Pull Out Wall Filing Cabinets Increases Efficiency and Productivity


Pull-out wall filing cabinets are great for maximizing productivity by organizing and centralizing files and other stored materials close to the point of use. QuickSpace sliding shelves roll easily in and out of the cabinet for quick access. The cabinet’s unique design works great when located adjacent to a natural egress aisle. Since pull-out shelving units work independently of each other, multiple users can access the storage system at the same time.

QuickSpace Office Wall Cabinets Provide Security

QuickSpace sliding shelving offers complete or partial security. Each sliding shelving unit can be locked independently of each other for partial security, or locks can be installed on all units for complete storage security.

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QuickSpace Sliding Shelving Planning Assistance

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