overview of museum storage solutionsMuseum Storage Solutions to Protect the Invaluable

The art, artifacts, and specimens collected by museums are irreplaceable, which makes protecting these precious items a number one priority for museums and galleries. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, most museums are only able to showcase a fraction of their collection. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, for example, only displays tens of thousands out of its two million pieces. That means the vast majority of pieces require museum storage. In particular, many museums can benefit from high-density museum storage to optimize valuable storage space.

Top Museum Storage Solutions

Museums must balance the security of their collections with making the most of their available storage space. As a museum continues to grow, high-density museum storage is a must. Popular forms of museum storage equipment like painting and artwork storage racks and flat file storage cabinets are great storage options but are far from the only choices. Museum curators may be surprised by just how many museum storage solutions exist.

Why Do Museums Need Fine Art Museum Storage?

Not every museum piece can be out in front of the public, so museums must implement museum storage systems that work. Protection The number one job of museum storage equipment is to keep art pieces safe and secure. This includes keeping away curious critters as well as damaging elements, like dust and light. Museum storage cabinets, in particular, are an excellent option for light-sensitive art pieces and artifacts. Space Efficiency Space is expensive, especially for museums that need temperature-controlled storage climates. The right storage solutions can help museums save space and money. High-density storage options, like compact high-density shelving, can free up extra floor space. This allows museums to store their art in-house instead of renting expensive external space. Customized Storage Options To preserve your invaluable pieces, choose museum storage that fits your collections. For example, to best store historic military uniforms use a garment and costume storage rack. Likewise, herbarium and botany storage cabinets are the perfect options for delicate specimens that need special care. Have a need for archival museum storage? Then choose archival box storage shelving designed to preserve history’s most important documents.

Who Needs Museum Storage Systems?

Any institution that wants to effectively store and preserve important documents, records, artwork, artifacts, and specimens needs to invest in quality museum storage, including:
  • Art museums
  • History museums
  • Art galleries
  • Halls of fame
  • Private collectors

Choose Southwest Solutions for Your Museum Storage Needs

When you can’t afford to take chances with your art collection, choose a company that has provided storage solutions for over 50 years. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we believe in providing customized museum storage for your irreplaceable treasures, whether that means stacking flat file cabinetsbotany plant storagevisible art racks, or something else. For all your high-density museum storage needs, contact us today to get a quote.
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