High-Density Mobile Shelving Compacts Your Space

High-density mobile shelving allows you to store more in less space while improving your company’s accessibility, organization, and ergonomics. If you want to shrink your storage footprint dramatically, then high-density shelving is the right solution for you.

How Does High-Density Storage Work?

When you invest in mobile shelving, new or existing rolling high-capacity shelves are placed on mobile carriages attached to floor tracks. The moving shelves compact together, removing all but one or two access aisles, depending on your activity level. To access a specific aisle, turn the handle or push a button to move up to six aisles at once. It’s a fast, easy, and surprisingly simple solution that is quick to install and saves a ton of space. 

High-Density Mobile Storage Vs. Static Storage 

Not sure if compact shelving is worth the investment? Consider how much extra space your static shelving takes up due to the aisles between each shelving unit. In most cases, only 20% of your aisles are in use at any given time. These unnecessary aisles waste valuable real estate and make it more time-consuming for your employees to find what they need.

If your storage needs continue to grow over time, you may eventually have to resort to offsite storage, which results in more costs and effort to transfer items from your facility. High-density shelving gets rid of unused space, allows you to keep all your items together in a central location, and can eliminate the need to invest in expensive and inconvenient offsite storage.see revit drawings and specifications for vertical file carousels

Benefits Of High-Density Storage

Here are all the ways high-density mobile storage can improve the functionality of your business or institution:

  • Reduces storage floor space by half compared to static shelves
  • Allows you to relocate and modify shelving to fit your adapting needs
  • Creates extra space for revenue-driven activities
  • Allows you to bring items stored offsite back onsite 
  • Stores anything from microchips to aircraft engines
  • Reduces energy operating costs to cool, heat, light, and maintain your space
  • Reduces or eliminates new storage construction and downtime associated with construction projects
  • Allows for centralized storage in one place to improve the flow of materials
  • Helps reduce shrinkage
  • Promotes organization, increasing employee morale and productivity
  • Comes in a selection of colors and finishes

Modes Of Operation

You can choose from two different modes of operation to move your mobile shelving: mechanical assist (hand-crank) or powered (push-button). Each option has its own benefits depending on your storage needs. 

Hand-Crank Mobile Shelving

Mechanical-assist or hand-crank high-density shelving is moved by a three-spoke handle. Moving multiple rows of shelves requires only one pound of force on the handle, even if you’re storing heavy or bulky items. Safety locks on the control handle ensure user safety while working in open aisles. Hand-crank shelving is ideal for applications with few users and lower activity levels.

Push-Button Mobile Shelving

Powered shelving, or push-button shelving, is the easier of the two operation options to use. The quick response to pushing a button makes your staff more productive and efficient. This system also includes motion sensors and safety sweeps to stop the motion of the carriage if someone or something is in the aisle, which can prevent injuries or damage to materials. You can choose to keep your shelving open to your most heavily used storage aisle or aisles, or you can keep your shelving closed. An optional TouchPad or key switch allows you to control access to restricted aisles. 

Industrial High-Density Mobile Shelving

Are you looking to add high-density shelving to your warehouse or other large storage facility? If you plan on storing heavy and bulky items, industrial high-density storage systems are worth considering. These shelving systems are designed for industrial use and can be installed with aisles large enough to allow forklifts and other equipment to maneuver through safely and easily. 


Schematics Of Our Compact Shelving

At Southwest Solutions, we offer a variety of high-density shelving options. Our highly experienced design team can develop just the system you want, including:

  • System width within a ⅛” increment
  • System depth or length dimension within a 6” increment up to 80’ long
  • System height dimension within a 1½” increments up to 45’ high
  • Individual mobile carriages can be constructed to any width or be mixed and matched within the same unit
  • Available in a wide selection of colors and finishes. End panels are available in laminate, veneer, steel, metallic, acrylic, and more

Are you worried about the weight of compact shelving, including floor loading considerations? While it’s always important to consider the impact of compacting weight on the building structure, there are many creative alternatives for distributing the weight load of a high-density mobile shelving system. Our design team and factory-trained installation team can help ensure that your shelving unit is safe, functional, and in compliance with your building codes.

ADA-Compliant Design

While the Americans with Disabilities Act does not specifically address shelving, all businesses and public institutions need to ensure they accommodate differently-abled employees, customers, students, and patrons. Our design team can work with you to develop a high-density shelving plan that will keep you ADA-compliant

It’s Time To Invest In High-Density Shelving

At Southwest Solutions Group®, we believe that better organization can promote greater productivity. That’s why we’ve spent over 50 years creating storage solutions for a long list of happy customers. We also love sharing storage ideas and news on our blog. Ready to revolutionize your storage system? Contact us for a quote on our mobile shelving solutions today.

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