Moving Shelves on Tracks for Library StorageLibrary Rolling Shelving on Rails

The National Library of Medicine contains 25 million items and adds 50,000 new items each year. As a result of a Federal mandate, the library embarked on a space conservation program that would reduce construction, energy, and maintenance costs. A key part of the program was the installation of Moving Shelves on Tracks, also called rolling shelving on rails.

How the Rolling Shelving on Rails Work to Save Space

Rolling Shelving Floor Rails and TracksRolling shelving on rails is a storage system that places shelving on carriages that are then attached to tracks or rails. The shelves move and roll together to create a condensed storage area. The rolling shelving on rails exchange traditional storage access aisles between shelving rows for one or two movable access aisles based on your level of activity. The rolling shelving on rails will reduce your storage area by up to 66% over traditional storage shelving.

Distinctive Features of the Library’s Moving Shelves on Tracks 

Moving Shelves on Tracks Plan Drawing

A total of 25 bays, each containing 9 electrically operated carriages were installed in the library. Each carriage was 88” high and featured double sided, 4-post shelving in 36” sections. Stationary shelving was used at the ends of the moving shelves on tracks system and as walls in open floor areas.

Several important safety devices were added to the moving shelves on tracks. A safety floor system stops all carriage movement whenever a person enters an aisle, and a safety sweep stops carriage movement if it senses an object lying on the floor. (watch rolling shelving on rails safety features in action)

Benefits the Library Experienced with the Moving Shelves on Tracks

As a result of the moving shelves on tracks, the library has increased its storage capacity by 100% where the system was installed. In addition, efficiency levels have improved. The staff can access materials quicker with the moving shelves on tracks than they would with traditional shelving.

Designing and Installing Your Library’s Moving Shelves on Tracks

Designing and installing moving shelves on tracks for libraries is an important part of our business. If you are wondering whether moving shelves on tracks would benefit your library, contact us today by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will put you in touch with your local rolling shelving on rails specialist.


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