High Density Shelving Floor Loading Made Easy with Magic Rails

Southwest Solutions Group® has developed an easy solution to High Density Shelving Floor Loading challenges. If you are an architect or interior designer who is tired of spending additional time and work to install high density shelving on upper building floors, then keep reading. The new solution called “Magic Rails” makes installing High Density Shelving easy without reinforcing the floor structure. Magic Rails is specifically designed to eliminate reinforcing building floors by using the following four steps to distribute the weight load of High Density Shelving. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

  1. Addition of supplementary rails to the high density shelving to distribute the system’s weight load
  2. Utilizing Spacesaver’s structural “I beam” rails
  3. Positioning high density shelving rails directly over the building beams
  4. Utilizing Spacesaver’s L/360 automatic braking system

high density shelving floor loading without reinforcing the building floor structure

Spacesaver® Has A Wide Range Of High Density Rails To Meet Your Floor Loading Requirements

Spacesaver has over ten different High Density Shelving rails for use in various applications (three of the most common rails are pictured below) including a structural “I-Beam” rail used to distribute weight on upper floor levels .

structural high density shelving structural rails floor loading made easy

High Density Shelving Automatic Braking System For Upper Building Floor Loading Use

high density shelving floor loading automatic braking system

Spacesaver’s Automatic Brakes help to eliminate the need for costly building floor reinforcement under the high density shelving system.

All carriages are equipped with a UL listed 12VDC Automatic Brake. Automatic Brake has a holding force sufficient to prevent carriage drift on floor systems deflecting up to L/360.

Benefits of using the Magic Rails High Density weight distribution system include:

  • Elimination of costly modifications to the building floor support structure
  • No disruptions to building tenants on the floor below
  • No project delays waiting weeks for the building structure to be modified
  • Savings on tenant improvement dollars
  • Magic Rails weight distribution system works 75% of the time in buildings with a 70 lbs per square foot floor rating
  • Minimizes time spent dealing with structural engineers

Magic Rails Saves Client $110,000 on Floor Reinforcement Costs

A recent project used the new “Magic Rails” hassle free weight distribution system and saved a tenant $110,000.00 in building floor reinforcement costs. The “Magic Rails” high density weight distribution system was proposed, for an investment of only $7,000.00. Investment? Yes investment, since “Magic Rails” is part of the high density shelving system (and not a building modification), when you move you take the high density shelving with you. What that really means is that your investment in “Magic Rails” today will be reused tomorrow.

Call toll free today 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to find out more about Magic Rails High Density Shelving weight distribution system. With Magic Rails reinforcing may be a thing of the past.