Art deserves the limelight but also demands careful attention behind the scenes. Painting storage racks is key in protecting and organizing valuable art pieces.

As collections grow and space diminishes, Museum art storage shelving and storage systems are a great solution. We offer various solutions and systems to meet your collection’s unique needs best.

Read on to learn about the different types of storage racks we offer and their benefits and features. To view more museum storage solutions, view our market page.

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Types of Painting Storage Racks

Freestanding Art Display Panels

painting artwork storage racks HDFreestanding art display panels are easy and quick to set up. They are the right pick for short-time art shows or art markets.

These storage solutions have different features and benefits, including:

  • Versatility and mobility: Freestanding art display panels offer versatility and mobility that few can match. These panels, unlike others, are not tied down. They fit many settings, from indoor galleries to outdoor shows. This makes them perfect for short-term art festivals and displays.
  • Lightweight: Their lightweight design means transporting them is not a hassle. They can fit in most transport modes, from vans to larger cars.

Painting Display Storage

Painting display storage is not just about keeping artworks safe. It is about efficiency, accessibility, and ensuring that each artwork is presented best. Exhibits become a seamless blend of art and functionality with these storage solutions. Visit our online store to see our museum storage products.

These storage solutions have different features and benefits, including:

  • Ease of Access: Curators and staff find it easy to reach paintings, ensuring a smooth setup for each exhibition.
  • Designed for Exhibitions: With a structure tailored for exhibition pieces, these storage units ensure that artworks remain in prime condition, ready for the spotlight.
  • Effortless Transportation: The design facilitates easy transport, allowing staff to move paintings from storage to the display area without stress.

Art Storage Till Racks

Art storage till racks offer a functional and thoughtful solution for smaller artwork pieces. They prioritize the organization, accessibility, and protection of drawings or prints and smaller paintings.

Benefits and features of art storage till racks include:

  • Structured Organization: These racks are designed for fine artwork and establish a structured storage space, regardless of size.
  • Easy Access: Each piece of artwork, no matter how small, becomes immediately accessible.
  • Protection for Smaller Works: These racks offer compartments tailored for small dimensions. They ensure that each drawing, print, or painting is safeguarded against potential damage.
  • Space Efficiency: Art storage till racks make efficient use of space and ensure no inch is wasted.

Canvas Painting Storage Racks

Canvas painting storage racks offer more than mere storage; they provide a thoughtfully crafted environment for artworks. With their adjustable, efficient, and structured design, these racks ensure that every canvas, regardless of size or style, remains safe, organized, and always ready for display.

Benefits and features of art storage till racks include:

  • Adaptable Design: These racks are designed with the diverse world of art in mind and adapt to accommodate paintings of various sizes and styles. Each piece has a place, whether a grand masterpiece or a small portrait.
  • Adjustable Shelving Units: Their shelving units are adjustable, ensuring that collections, regardless of their diversity, find a suitable storage solution.
  • Efficient Categorization: Canvas painting storage racks simplify the categorization process. By adjusting the shelving units, types of art can be grouped by size, style, or artist, making sure that access to them is easy.

Vertical Painting Storage Racks

Vertical painting storage racks safeguard precious framed artwork and give your institution valuable floor space back in a world where every square inch counts.

Benefits and features of vertical painting storage racks include:

  • Engineered Efficiency: These racks are specifically engineered to maximize available storage space. They optimize vertical space, allowing institutions to store many paintings within a compact footprint.
  • Maximized Vertical Space: Instead of sprawling outward and consuming vast floor areas, they rise upward, ensuring that every inch of height is used productively. This vertical optimization means more artworks can be stored in less space.
  • Compact Footprint: These racks maintain a compact footprint. This is vital for museums and galleries with extensive collections.

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