slotted art cubby storage racksAdjustable steel shelves store canvas paintings in efficient space

Slotted art cubby storage racks offer a durable shelving solution designed to protect, organize, and store fine framed and unframed artwork. Each comes with adjustable steel shelves that store canvas paintings in efficient vertical space. Rods made from the same durable material divey up space to create individual compartments that secure fragile pieces in separate areas within the same unit. Items get inserted between the rods, which bare their weight while allowing each to rest right on the dividing partitions that keep pieces from touching to preserve integrity. Their use is appropriate among applications who seek a safe method to accommodate fine collections that have tremendous value. This includes galleries, museums, and businesses.

Slotted art cubby storage racks designed to protect collections

These slotted art cubby storage racks feature a powder coat paint finish that meets archival quality standards for no off-gassing to protects collections from damage. Units feature open backs to allow proper air circulation. They’re also closed on the top and sides to prohibit unnecessary light from shining through, causing deterioration.

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adjustable steel shelves store canvas paintingsFeatures for slotted art cubby storage racks

Features relating to the slotted art cubby storage racks include:

Adjustable Shelves: Shelves adjust from a vertical position on 1-1/2″ increments to meet user art storage sizing requirements. Extra shelves are also available to add if needing increased storage capacity. Each shelf rated to hold a minimum of 250 pounds with a total carrying weight of 1,500 pounds.

Openings: With the intermediate shelf in the center of the unit, users have about 35″ for the top and bottom openings that match a 76-1/4″ high unit, and about 41″ for the top and bottom openings that go with a 88-1/4″ high unit. The intermediate shelf adjusts to suit requirements specfic to user needs.

Metal Divider Rods: Divider rods made 6 gauge durable steel and install from the top of the shelving. The rods get placed (as desired) on 2″ centers across the width of the shelf to create optimal storage conditions and designed to use in sets of four from front to back on the shelf. Shelves that measure 30″ wide come with 16 rods that total four sets of four while 36″ wide shelves come with 20 rods that make five sets of four rods. Those shelves measuring 42″ wide come with 24 rods to make six sets of four rods and 48″ wide shelves come with 28 rods that total seven sets of four rods.

Closed Uprights: Uprights made from heavy-duty 18 gauge steel that adds durability

Bottom Kick plates: Units come with two bottom 2-3/4″ high Kick plates (bases) designed to help prevent objects from rolling under the unit.

Textured Powder Coat Finish: Shelving parts get powder-coated to meet the archival quality standards for no off-gassing to protect stored art.

Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Made in the U.S.A.

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