The Information Management Solutions You Need to Compete in Today’s World

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Business moves faster in this day and age, which means today’s companies must be agile if they want to compete. Part of that nimbleness includes investing in information management systems. Whether it’s finally time to digitize your paper files, ensure your documents are HIPAA compliant, or better manage your record retention schedules, Southwest Solutions can help. We offer a variety of management information solutions that can assist nearly any type of business!

Why Do Businesses Need Enterprise Information Management Solutions?

Information is power, but businesses can only benefit from that power if their information is organized and easily accessible. If your employees have to spend time searching through chaotic paper files, then they’re losing valuable work hours. Here are just a few ways information asset management solutions can benefit your business:

Digitize Your Files for Easier Online Search and Retrieval

Many organizations are still dependent on paper-based systems, which can impede workflow, pose security threats, and take up valuable office space. It’s time to transition away from paper. Our document scanning services will digitize all your paperwork, while our document management software will help you organize all those new digital files.

Improve HIPAA Compliance

Does your business fall under the HIPAA guidelines? Then you need to ensure that all your files are HIPPA-compliant. Our HIPAA medical records scanning service can digitize your old paper patient files and make sure they integrate into your existing EMR system, giving doctors a patient’s full history while staying within HIPAA compliance.

Better Productivity

A poorly organized file system – whether paper or digital – can cost valuable time and increase the risk of expensive mistakes. For instance, what happens when important files are accidentally placed on the wrong shelf or tossed in the trash by a new employee? A good information systems management solution should include barcode and RFID tracking as well as well-organized records retention schedules. Make sure your important files never disappear again.

Find Your Management Information Solutions at Southwest Solutions

We believe that information management solutions can give any business a competitive edge. That’s why we offer a great range of information asset management solutions. At Southwest Solutions, we’ve been helping companies store their most important assets and stay competitive for over 50 years. If you are ready to overhaul your document storage and management systems, contact us for a quote today.

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