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eliminate or reduce offsite document storage costs with digital document management

The costs of inefficient records management

Inefficient records management can add up huge costs for your business. One way for you to put money back into your bottom line and eliminate offsite document storage costs is with digital records management solutions that will help keep costs low while boosting productivity levels.

Without an efficient records management plan, your data could easily become a source of frustration that eats up space, money, and time. A good records management plan isn’t a “quick fix;” it’s a comprehensive and customized plan that allows future growth of your business.

Revamping your records management system with minimal downtime

Revamping your records management system doesn’t have to cause disorder in your workplace or disrupt your workflow. Digital records management solutions will ensure a smooth transition into a new, more efficient management system with either onsite or offsite scanning services. This way, you can start to eliminate offsite document storage costs by converting your paper to much more efficient digital documents.

eliminate offsite document storage costs with digital records management

Digital records management solutions at an affordable price

Since every organization is unique, it’s important that your digital records management solution is tailored specifically to your business. Records management consultants will help you:

  • Analyze your organization’s workflow.
  • Determine which documents make sense to scan and which ones should be left to live out their lifecycle.
  • Analyze space and costs to help you make solid financial decisions.
  • Design customized short-or long-term service plans that help you avoid overspending.

In addition, we also offer backfile document scanning, high-volume document conversion and data capture, and easy transition to EMR for medical offices.

Why you should Digitize your documents

Not only can digital documents eliminate offsite document storage costs, digital file conversion has numerous other advantages:

digital records management solutions help eliminate or reduce offsite document storage costs

  • Use freed up storage space for revenue-generating activities
  • Easy disposition of old papers in the event of relocation
  • There is no need to worry about losing important documents
  • Quick access to any documents

contact us for digital records management solutions

Southwest Solutions Group® provides the expertise and knowledge your company needs to convert to a paperless office or manage your digital records system and eliminate offsite storage costs. SSG will even scan a box of your records for free with CJIS and HIPAA compliant document scanning services so you can try before you buy. For more information or to speak with an information management specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.