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Software for Digitizing Paper Records


Does your office still rely entirely or mostly on paper records? If so, you’re familiar with having to search through sheets of paper to find what you need. On average, employees spend about one-fourth of their day looking for the information they need to do their jobs.

Have you thought about converting to a paperless office? Perhaps certain considerations, such as time and money, have prevented you from making the change in the past, though. It’s not hard to imagine, especially once you survey how many paper documents your organization must manage.

Luckily, going paperless isn’t nearly as time-consuming or expensive as you might think. Software for digitizing paper records will save your company thousands of dollars per year in the long run. If existing document management processes place too much stress on your storage area, the decision to convert to digitized paper records should remain easy, though.

Start Converting to a Paperless Office

Document scanning services are always available for your company to use. You can also start digitizing paper records on your own with paper capture software. Digital capture software works with other lines-of-business software to streamline document digitization on any scanner.

Paper isn’t the only thing you can digitize, though. You can also import images and documents from existing systems, such as fax servers and other devices. Whether using one or more scan stations, software for digitizing paper records has the scalability to work with you and your business plans. You can also implement custom processes to automatically index data and streamline digitization with user-friendly point-and-click setup.

Experts can help with every phase to ensure employees have on-demand access to scanned files whenever needed. With guidance from specialists, you can feel comfortable changing paper files into a digital copy format and save storage space. Consultants have the industry knowledge to assist you in creating a conversion plan that fits your organization’s specific budget and timeframe. To ensure the transition remains smooth and doesn’t disrupt existing workflow processes, our experienced team can even lend a hand in many ways during the actual reorganization.  Here a few:

  • Identifying core documents that need converting into a more convenient and accessible digital form.
  • Pulling and presenting records for conversation, so the process flows efficiently, remains affordable, and finishes on schedule.

Benefits of Digitizing Paper Records

start converting to a paperless office with digitizing paper software

There are many long and short-term benefits that come with using software for digitizing documents, including:

  • Centralization of capture and indexing functions or distribution of them across multiple systems
  • Better accuracy with quality control options and index field verification
  • Integration with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and other line-of-business systems and applications
  • Customizable workflows
  • Job and task prioritization
  • Automatically route batches with assigning and processing
  • Productivity tracking
  • Value matching and data merging capabilities for populating index information
  • Barcode and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) eliminates keystrokes

Contact Us for Digitizing Paper Records

Southwest Solutions Group® provides consultation and implementation services to businesses that are ready to start converting to a paperless office. If you’d rather have an outside company scan your documents, you can also try our document scanning services for free. To learn more or to speak with an information management specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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