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Safety Storage Helps Public Service Employees Serve and Protect

Police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and other public service employees have challenging jobs. The last thing they need is to struggle to find the tools and weapons they may need to use on a daily basis. It may seem like a small matter, but safety storage solutions can help some of our most important public servants perform their jobs better. For example, well-organized evidence lockers may make the difference between putting a criminal away or letting them go free.

The Importance of Public Safety Solutions

Time is critical when an emergency call comes in. Police officers need to quickly access their gear lockers and weapons lockers so they can answer the needs of their community. Even outside of an emergency, simple organizational systems like long-term evidence shelving and casework for public safety employees can make public service organizations run more smoothly.

Ensuring the Security of Evidence

State, federal, and city laws dictate that the police need to store and preserve evidence for a specific amount of time. This evidence can add up, but the available space within a police station doesn’t change. One of the essential forms of police storage is well-designed evidence storage. Evidence lockers ensure that evidence never gets lost or compromised, and long-term evidence shelving occupies less space thanks to its lack of access aisles. 

Securing Guns and Ammunition

Police officers also need to keep their weapons secure and out of the wrong hands between use. Weapons storage and gun lockers are a valuable law enforcement storage solution, which can keep guns safe. Our storage solutions can hold a variety of weapons – not just firearms – and keep them properly stored while remaining accessible during emergencies. 

Personal Storage Space for Officers

Busy officers need a place to keep their uniforms, gear, and other critical equipment. Police gear lockers could be the right law enforcement storage solution. These sturdy and secure lockers make it easy for officers to grab what they need when a call comes through, so they can be on the road and respond to trouble as quickly as possible. 

More Types of Public Safety Solutions 

Not every public safety worker wears a badge. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we offer PPE storage, fire station storage solutions, law enforcement storage, and more. We recognize that each public safety service requires unique and personalized storage solutions. That’s why craft safety storage products for law enforcement agencies, fire stations, courthouses, correction facilities, crime labs, and more. We believe that a better-organized station is a better functioning station, which benefits us all. Contact us today to get a quote for your next public safety storage solution.

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