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Spacesaver® is the largest manufacturer of high density storage systems in the United States. In addition to high density mobile shelving, they have a wide range of innovative storage solutions. And most of the Spacesaver storage systems are currently available on GSA or TXMAS contracts.

We are an authorized dealer of Spacesaver storage systems throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and parts of Missouri and Mississippi. We also represent Spacesaver in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Our services include a space analysis, planning, installation, relocations, and ongoing maintenance.  

Learn More About the Different Spacesaver Storage Systems

High density mobile shelving: gives you a significantly greater storage capacity per square foot of floor space than conventional storage products. In many applications, these systems are three times more space-efficient than conventional filing and shelving.

ActivRAC compact pallet racks: will increase your storage capacity in the same warehouse floor space; organize all of your items and materials; and allow you to create new income producing space for production lines and staging areas that will boost revenue.

Universal® weapon racks: is versatile and flexible. The adjustable shelves accommodate weapons of various lengths and types, and perforated doors and sides simplify weapons inventory assessments, while keeping weapons storage highly secure.

spacesaver storage: framewrx, universal weapons racks, and art racksFrameWRX® bin shelving: makes organizing medical supplies quick and easy. These high flexible units can be installed in a stationary mode or mounted on sliding tracks for double deep storage to maximize your space.

Freestyle® personal storage lockers: solve the space problem while providing for the storage needs of today’s law enforcement officers. Needs like electrical outlets inside the locker to charge flashlights, radios and other equipment, and ventilated shelves to promote air circulation to dry out gear.

Mobile art racks: will maximize your art storage capacity while keeping your framed paintings up off the floor and protected from damage. They’re available in many different variations to provide the right collection storage for your museum.

XTend® mobile high-bay shelving: extends as high as 35 feet with as many as 30 tiers of shelves, which is five times the height of traditional shelving. Also, mobile carriages reduce the number of inactive access aisles and condense the archival storage area down to a very small footprint.

CoreStor® nurse server cabinets: keep the most frequently used items closer to the patients. Also the cabinets allow nurses to re-stock medical supplies outside the patient room.

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Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing all types of businesses and government agencies with Spacesaver storage systems since 1969. We even offer a free space analysis before the design process begins. To learn more or speak to the representative in your area, please give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.

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