Decentralization’s Effect on Hospital Medical Supply Storage Systems

Nurse patient server cabinets pull out for easy access to stored medical supplies

Hospital medical supply storage systems are changing and becoming decentralized, which has lead to a renewed interest in Nurse Patient Server Cabinets. The Nurse Patient Server Cabinets were developed in the 1960s to access and restock medical supplies from outside a patient’s room. Reducing the number of people entering a patient’s room prevents an increased number of opportunities for a patient to contract a Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). In addition, the Nurse Patient Server Cabinets allow nurses to spend more time in the room providing care to patients and less time hunting and gathering medical supplies. (view images of Nurse Patient Server Cabinets) Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Nurse Patient Server Cabinets Application Recommendations

Nurse Patient Server Cabinets are usually built into a closet or alcove and installed on a platform safely above the floor with other storage below. The Nurse Patient Server Cabinets can be used to store all types of medical supplies including sterile supplies, linens, syringes, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Base Carriages for the Nurse Patient Server Cabinets

All Nurse Patient Server Cabinets use an aluminum cantilever base carriage with a slide supported suspension system and built-in smooth stopping features. The aluminum can be purchased in either painted or brushed aluminum and comes with a corresponding trim kit. The base carriages are universal and will work for either left or right access. The shelving is mounted on top of the base carriage and easily extends out for 100% access to stored medical supplies.

Shelving Designed for the Nurse Patient Server CabinetsThis hospital supply storage system reduces people entering patient rooms to prevent HAIs

The Nurse Patient Server Cabinets are designed for adjustable steel 4-post or case type shelving or bin shelving. Maximum nominal shelving height of the shelving is 48″ while the minimum nominal shelving height is 24″.

4-Post and Case Shelving:

  • Shelving includes full height metal back panels.
  • The bottom shelf on all units must have “HC“ type single button shelf supports.
  • All shelf supports are 11 gauge “F” or “H” profile, or 14 gauge “H” profile (not 14 gauge “F” profile).

Bin Shelving:

  • Standard welded frames (no seismic frames).
  • 13″ nominal depth.
  • Back Kits acceptable, but not required.
  • No base shelves – 2-position adjustable shelf/tray only.
  • Canopy tops available — steel, one-piece steel, or acrylic.
  • Gusseted base supports required on frame heights 30″ and taller.
  • No end panels.
  • All plastic storage bins must be less than 12″ long.

Nurse Patient Server Cabinet Trim Kits

As mentioned above, one trim kit must be ordered for every base carriage. The trim kits include:

  • A Steel front cover, which is painted to match the shelving and fastens to the front of the carriage.
  • A pull handle and hardware, which bolt through the front cover and front carriage plate.
  • Left and right side steel covers, which are painted to match the shelving and fasten to the sides of the carriage for aesthetic purposes.

Layout Considerations for the Nurse Patient Server Cabinets

  • Allow a minimum of 0.5″ space between finished rear wall and base carriage.
  • Allow a minimum of 0.5″ space between finished sidewall(s) and base carriage.
  • Allow a minimum of 0.5” space between top of the unit and finished top of door frame.
  • Carriage Extension = Nominal shelving length plus 6”
  • Overall Carriage Height = 7.125” (assuming mounting surface is perfectly level)
  • Shelf Mounting Height = begins at 6.125” (assuming mounting surface is perfectly level)

Carriage dimensions, footprints, and shelving compatibility are outlined in the following table:

Table shows the sizes and shelving compatibility for the nurse patient server cabinets

Design and Installation Assistance for Nurse Patient Server Cabinets

Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing hospitals with Nurse Patient Server Cabinets for medical supply storage since 1969. For assistance in designing and installing Nurse Patient Server Cabinets for your facility, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with a healthcare representative.