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Library Storage for Today’s Multifaceted Libraries

Now more than ever, libraries have become necessary resources for their communities. Besides offering books on every subject imaginable, today’s libraries also provide digital resources, internet access, and meeting spaces for people of all ages and backgrounds. That means library storage must meet the multifaceted demands of today’s libraries. Fortunately, at Southwest Solutions Group®, our library storage systems are highly versatile and designed to help every library succeed.

The Library Storage Challenges of Modern Libraries 

While the mission of the library to spread knowledge has always remained the same, the means of fulfilling that mission have changed over time. Today that might mean lending out books, as well as puzzles, tools, and even baking equipment. It may mean carving out spaces for teens to do their homework and providing computers for patrons who do not have internet access at home.

Library storage solutions have also changed. While libraries still have plenty of need for cantilever library shelving, they may also require other modern library equipment.

Adjustable Display Shelving

How do you present books and other resources in a way that will fit the needs of young children as well as adults of all ages? The answer is adjustable library and display shelving. Adjustable shelves allow libraries to create lower shelves for children, taller shelves for adults, and wide shelves for attractive displays that can boost circulation numbers.

Library Furniture

Modern library equipment must also include furniture. After all, the library is often a gathering place for members of the community. The right type of library furniture can add comfort and functionality to the library, from shared reading desks to modular workstations.

Compact Bookstack Shelving

One of the biggest challenges of libraries is how to continually store all their materials when new books and other resources are arriving all the time. The answer is compact bookstack shelving, which is designed for high-density storage. This type of shelving is ideal for maintaining old collections or preserving materials off-site. They also work in specialized libraries, like law libraries. 

Off-Site Depository High Bay Shelving

What happens when a library runs out of space for additional materials? Off-site depository high bay shelving allows libraries to move their extra inventory to other facilities while keeping these materials in their inventory. Patrons who want to check out these materials can request them and have them delivered from the facility. This is an excellent solution for older, less popular materials, as well as special collections. 

What Are the Benefits of Library Solutions?

The right library storage solutions provide several valuable benefits:

  • Compact shelving leaves more space for furniture
  • New shelving and library furniture can update your space to attract more patrons
  • The right shelves offer more storage so libraries can offer additional materials to patrons
  • Shelving helps libraries keep books and other materials organized and more attractive

Choose Southwest Solutions for Your Library Storage Systems

If it’s time to improve and modernize your library, then Southwest Solutions can help. We believe that a well-organized library can help the whole community thrive. To that end, we provide a huge variety of storage solutions, including library solutions. Contact us today for a quote.

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