Customize Your Storage with Engineered to Order 4-Post & Case Type Shelving

eto 4 post and case type shelving that's taller and with perforated uprightsWith Spacesaver’s 4-post and case type shelving, you’re able to store almost anything. Due to the wide range of standard size options, each of these shelving solutions are extremely flexible and very cost-effective. But did you know that both 4-post and case type shelving can be engineered to order (ETO)? That’s right; if the standard options won’t meet your storage needs, the Spacesaver® engineering team will create a 4-post or case type shelving solution customized just for you.

ETO Heights for 4-Post & Case Type Shelving

Commercially, 4-post and case type shelving uprights have a maximum height of 121.25”, with height increments of 1.50”. In the past, any 4-Post or Case Type upright taller than 121.25” would require splicing the uprights together. Not only is splicing a tedious process, but it restricts the spacing of the shelves at and above the splice.

With ETO 4-post and case type shelving, uprights can have a maximum height of 143.75”, with increments of 1.50”. This solution avoids the shelf spacing restrictions that come with spliced uprights and reduces installation times.

Storing a Variety of Items in ETO 4-Post & Case Type Shelving

Spacesaver has worked on many projects that have used engineered to order 4-post and case type shelving. One recent project was for an off-site film storage facility. The facility made use of the extended height for their 4-post shelving in addition to using a unique panel perforation (angle and tee, also called starter and adder, upright panels can be perforated in custom patterns).

These perforated uprights have also been used at a law enforcement academy. The perforated panels were added to 4-post shelving that stores training gear. Because the panels allow air to circulate, sweaty training gear is ventilated in an otherwise closed off storage system.

Hybrid Open and Closed Uprights on ETO 4-Post & Case Type Shelving

Another ETO 4-post and case type shelving is a hybrid of open and closed uprights in the same system. These systems are used in a variety of applications and have a closed bottom and open top. The uprights are reinforced and the closed bottom has a solid panel that can be configured in various heights.

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