storing military armory weapons and optics in universal weapon racks

Using Universal Weapon Racks and cabinets for Storing Armory

Whether it’s the Air Force or Marine Corps, any military branch should have a weapons storage space. With Universal Weapon Racks and Cabinets, you can store up to 15 weapons per rack and keep your optics attached to the weapon. The weapon cabinet’s retractable doors save valuable aisle space and the cabinets are completely transportable. In addition, the cabinets are flexible enough to be mounted to space saving equipment to maximize your storage floor space. There is no other armory storage system better for storing military armory weapons and optics than Universal Weapon Racks and Cabinets.

Storing Military Armory Weapons In Less Space

Your time, your storage space and the security of your weapons are critical to your armory operation. Military weapons racks give you more space for storing military armory weapons and optics inside the cabinets, which translates into more efficient secure weapons storage for your armory. Also, the weapons racks will allow you to store your weapons with the optics on the weapon, so your weapons are zeroed-in and ready to go.

universal weapon racks movable storage systemThe chances are, you don’t have the luxury of expanding the structural footprint for storing more armory weapons. The cabinet’s fully retractable doors allow for smaller access aisles, opening the room up for more weapon storage. The weapon cabinets can also be easily stacked and ganged together without welding or using chains. And they offer the flexibility to configure and reconfigure internal components as your weapons change.

If that isn’t enough, you can double your armory’s weapons and optics storage capacity by reducing the number of access aisles with a high density moveable weapons storage system.

Universal Weapon Racks and Cabinets Provide Security with NSN Assignment

You can load your racks immediately upon installation as our Universal Weapons Rack and Cabinets come complete with NSN certifications and physical security pre-approval. There’s no reason for a physical security officer inspection. Other security certifications include:weapon racks for secure military armory weapons storage

  • Over 110 NSNs issued to Universal Weapon Racks and accessories.
  • TACOM certified
  • MARCORSYSCOM certified
  • Exceeds OPNAVINST 5530.13c and AR 190-11 military requirements

Universal Weapon Racks and Cabinets Provide Transportability

The Universal Weapon Racks offer secure and deployable weapon storage. They can serve as both a garrison weapon storage solution and a weapon storage solution for transport. Some of the benefits of weapon racks and cabinets include:

  • No need to transfer deployed firearms or weapons (such as a handgun, rifle, or shotgun and ammunition) to a different gun rack.
  • Perforated doors and sides make weapons inventory and weapon identification easy, while keeping weapons and accessories safe and secure.
  • No movement, vibration, or shock
  • No abrasion, while in transport
  • Have passed accidental shock and loading tests.
  • More weapons in a rack means more space for other vital equipment storage in transport containers.

Contact Us for Weapon Racks and Cabinets for Your Armory Weapons and Optics

In addition to our line of Universal Weapon Racks and Cabinets, we offer a wide range of products on GSA Schedule. Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for Universal Weapon Racks and Cabinets. Contact us by phone at (800) 803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the military storage expert in your area.


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