With many cities seeing an increase in population over time, it’s no surprise that police forces around the country are outgrowing their current facilities and require an overhaul in their storage systems. In order to support a modern and efficient police force, having adequate storage solutions in place is crucial. There are many ways to bring outdated Police tactical gear storage areas up to date and make them work for modern police forces. You can also check out our other public safety storage solutions.

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Storing Police Equipment and Uniforms

Tactical unit gear storage for police

From gear and duty bags to police uniforms, there are many different ways to store police equipment. It’s important to make sure tactical gear is properly stored and managed due to its high value, both because it saves lives and because it has monetary value. With specially designed ventilated lockers and gear racks, it’s easy to make the most out of the space available to store police equipment.

Police Tactical Gear Storage Solutions

When an emergency arises, and the SWAT Team is called in, they must be able to access their gear quickly. Rapid response storage is kept in a secured room that authorized parties can only access. These areas hold crowd control equipment and other items to which the SWAT Team may need instant access. There are many options, from tactical gear racks to high-density shelving for crowd control gear. Additionally, there are solutions for personal equipment and items that need to be behind a lock for security reasons. See more tactical police lockers here.

Ventilated Personal Lockers

Tactical gear storage for law enforcementStoring personal effects is best done in a ventilated personal locker. This allows law enforcement officials to keep their personal belongings in a secure location only they can access. Lockers in many locations have a bench in front of them, making it easy for officers to change from civilian clothing to uniform and vice versa. Additionally, they may include outlets for charging their devices. Additionally, they may include outlets for charging their devices.

Police Gear Lockers

For added space-saving, storage lockers for duty bags and gear can be built into the walls with sturdy steel doors, allowing easy access to the equipment inside. Officers can securely store their radios, weapons, and gear. See pricing for police gear lockers here.

Rapid Response – Police Tactical Gear Storage

tactical gear cabinetsWhen an emergency arises, and the SWAT Team is called in, they must be able to access their gear quickly. Rapid response storage is kept in a secured room that authorized parties can only access. These areas hold crowd control equipment and other items to which the SWAT Team may need instant access. There are many options, from tactical gear racks to high-density shelving for crowd control gear.

SWAT Tactical Gear Lockers

SWAT tactical gear lockers located close to the briefing room make it easy and fast for the officers to gear up immediately following the briefing. The room containing the SWAT lockers is only accessible to those with a badge, so the gear readiness lockers and tactical gear racks can only be accessed by authorized officers.

Storage features include extra-wide drawers and lockers, so there is plenty of room to store both personal belongings and tactical gear. The doorless lockers were designed, so officers had immediate access to their uniforms, gear, and weapons. Inside of the locker is a lockable compartment so personal belongings, such as electronics, can be secured. They even have a support rail for weapons so that their weapons are secure and easy to get to.

Crowd Control Gear Storage

Tactical gear lockers for policeCrowd control gear isn’t needed all that often, so this isn’t something that needs to take up space in high-traffic storage areas, such as the locker rooms. Tactical gear, helmets, and shields are kept close to the garage so they can be accessed quickly in an emergency but out of the way, so more frequently used items are easier to get to.

This gear doesn’t need to be in locked lockers, so high-density storage shelves are a smart storage solution. Not only does this allow quick access to the helmets and other gear, but it also makes it easy to keep track of the inventory. If items are missing, it is apparent right away.

Storage for Records and Evidence

One of the most important storage areas in the building is the evidence and records area. For many reasons, misplaced or lost records and evidence are unacceptable, so these items must be stored securely and efficiently.

High-Density Shelving

police mobile evidence room shelvingOne of the best options for organizing casework files, arrest records, and warrants is high-density shelving. With storage of this type, so much space can be saved, as it allows records to be stored from floor to ceiling while still only taking up the amount of floor space as traditional filing cabinets. The days of keeping certain records off-site are long gone, allowing the precinct to keep all of its files on hand.

Evidence Lockers

There are a couple of options to choose from when picking evidence lockers. The first type is a pass-through locker located within the wall, allowing the evidence to be placed on one side of the locker and removed from the opposite side. These lockers can pass the evidence directly through to the evidence technician, limiting additional handling. Alternatively, a traditional locker that only opens on one side is also an option. These non-pass-through lockers allow the evidence to be stored securely until it can be collected and added to the storage area.

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Regarding Police tactical gear storage, the main things to consider are ease of access and security. Many different storage solutions allow officers to get to their gear quickly and efficiently while still providing a secure place to keep their personal belongings and other items that need safekeeping. From ventilated lockers to high-density shelving, there are a lot of ways to keep tactical gear secure. To learn more or speak with a representative in your area, call us at (800) 803-1083 or send us a message today.


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“Southwest Solutions is highly professional and knowledgeable in the area of digital scanning. My organization has been working with SSG on scanning your highly sensitive and complex records. Their expertise has been extraordinarily beneficial to us as nobody in our organization has any knowledge of this process. They were able to easily guide us through the process, ask us the right questions and explain the pros and cons to help us decide how to complete this project. I would STRONGLY recommend SSG for anyone who is considering digitizing records.”

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“The installation guys were very professional, courteous and efficient. There was not much room to work but they managed to get the job done quickly, allowing space for me to continue to work and watch them at the same time. They vacuumed and cleaned up all the packing material/boxes exhibiting true professionalism. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in a remarkably short amount of time.”

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“We had no issues with our new Spacesaver Units, before, during, or after installation, and I attribute this to Larry’s professionalism. I’d also like you to know that if the future presents a need for additional items that your company supplies, I would not hesitate to contact your company based on Larry, the service he provided, and the way he represented your company. ”

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“The sales representative and installers were extremely professional and helpful. Our products we delivered and installed as scheduled. I was very proud to take pictures of our installation and show it off to our administration. We are very satisfied with the improvements to our department thanks to the products you have installed.”

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