It is necessary to have adequate storage solutions to accommodate all these different types of equipment and responsibilities. It can become challenging to keep police equipment storage organized, especially if storage space is limited.

However, specialized storage solutions are available to solve this problem. Space-saving systems store law enforcement gear securely and efficiently, enabling quartermasters to perform their jobs more efficiently.

We have various solutions for storing police equipment efficiently, from uniforms, gear and duty bags, evidence and records, and much more. Our Police station lockers and shelving have been designed specifically for law enforcement with all the accessibility, security, and durability you need.

Read on to learn about how quartermasters can store police equipment efficiently. You can also check out all of our public safety storage solutions here.

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Quartermaster Storage Responsibilities

police uniform quartermaster storageThe mission of the Quartermaster Detail is to provide the best uniforms and equipment to all sworn and uniformed employees.

The goal is to efficiently and effectively provide uniform services in an organized and professional manner. Everyday objects are to ensure officers and uniformed civilians receive their allotted accessories.

The quartermaster must also ensure replacement uniforms for lost/damaged items.

The role of a police department quartermaster is critical, as these individuals manage the storage and organization of police equipment storage of all types, among other responsibilities. Some job duties are:

  • Coordinates maintenance and repair of Police department equipment, managing equipment stock and availability.
  • Manages and fulfills equipment requests from personnel, including all uniforms, duty gear, and other supplies.
  • Evaluates and procures uniforms and equipment by coordinating the evaluation and procurement with vendors, Police personnel, and other City departments.
  • Ensures procurement complies with State Code, City Code, policies, and procedures by researching and staying abreast of requirements and implementing changes as appropriate.

The quartermaster is responsible for storing an extensive amount of police equipment and gear, which may include:

  • Uniforms
  • Badges
  • Tactical gear
  • Duty belts
  • Footwear
  • Gloves
  • Vests
  • Helmets
  • Holsters
  • Firearms
  • Tasers
  • Handcuffs
  • Radios
  • Body cameras
  • Radar guns
  • Batons
  • Winter jackets
  • Dress hats and ball caps
  • Consumable supplies
  • Riot gear
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Police vehicle equipment

Police Duty Bag Lockers

Police equipment bag storageChoosing the best police equipment locker for officers and staff is a significant consideration when designing or renovating a police station.

Because Police duty bag lockers lockers have been used multiple times every day over many years, it’s essential to invest in high-quality police equipment lockers that will stand up to years of daily use.

Here are some attributes you would want in deciding on a police equipment locker:

  • Locker Size – You want to optimize space in the locker room while ensuring enough room inside each locker for officers’ gear. You also want to be sure there are enough lockers for current and future needs. It’s essential to consider the overall police locker room layout when determining the dimensions of individual police duty lockers.
  • ADA Compliance – Most departments need lockers that comply with city or state regulations.
  • Durability – Look for double-walled steel doors and welded construction to ensure that your new lockers will withstand years of daily use.
  • Ventilation – Having ventilated lockers ensures that the equipment stays in good form over a long time.
  • Integrated Benches – Officers and staff can pull out the small benches as needed, then slide them back into the locker and out of the way. This feature provides comfort and convenience.

Police Equipment Storage for Quartermasters

Storage for Police equipmentAn effective police equipment storage solution must be flexible enough to accommodate these diverse types of equipment and gear efficiently.

And with such extensive storage needs, an effective storage system should be designed with space savings in mind to maximize the storage capacity in a limited space.

Finally, as the quartermaster is responsible for potentially storing millions of dollars worth of equipment and gear, security features are a crucial benefit for equipment storage.

We Offer a Selection of Police Equipment Lockers

We have various solutions for storing police equipment efficiently, from uniforms to gear and duty bags.

Our lockers and shelving have been designed specifically for law enforcement with all the accessibility, security, and durability you need. Below are four efficient police equipment storage solutions designed with these qualities.

High-Density Mobile StoragePolice gear storage

High-density mobile shelving is an ideal solution for police equipment storage, mainly when space efficiency is a priority. This storage system saves space by mounting shelving units on floor tracks so that they slide back and forth.

Rather than allotting space for static aisles between each shelf, the mobile shelving system leaves room for as few as a single movable access aisle. Operators use a manual hand crank or electronic push-button entry to open an aisle to the desired shelving unit with minimal effort.

Because the high-density storage system converts static aisles into storage space, this solution can double your storage capacity in your existing footprint or cut your storage space requirements in half.

High-density mobile shelving also has extensive design flexibility. The system accommodates various shelving configurations—including open shelving, bin shelving, weapon racks, drawers, and more—ensuring efficient storage of all police gear and equipment. You can even convert your existing shelving to a high-density system.

Box storage for police quartermaster equipmentHigh-density shelving is also one of the most secure police equipment storage solutions. The systems can be installed with a touchpad or key switch to control access to stored equipment.

With the storage system compactly locked when closed, you can be sure that unauthorized individuals won’t be able to access the value stored gear. Learn more about high-density mobile shelving here.

Lateral Sliding Shelving

Another space-efficient option for police equipment storage is a lateral sliding shelving system. Like high-density shelving, lateral sliding shelving maximizes limited storage space by eliminating aisle space between shelving units.

The system consists of a stationary row of shelving with up to two sliding rows of shelving layered directly in front. The front shelving units slide laterally on floor tracks to access the posterior units.

It’s wise to store less frequently accessed items on the back row and more frequently accessed items in the front.

Like high-density shelving, lateral sliding shelving can be configured with various shelving types to accommodate police equipment. The system comes with anti-tip features for smooth and safe operation and the option of rolling security doors to control access to stored materials.

Pull-Out Shelving

Pull-out shelving is another excellent police equipment storage solution. In this system, shelving units are installed compactly and slide out from the system to allow access to stored materials. This storage system maximizes your storage capacity within a compact footprint by eliminating static aisles between the shelving units.

A notable benefit of this storage system is that multiple users can access shelving units simultaneously. Operators slide out the desired shelving unit using either a rotating or pull handle, leaving other shelving units unaffected. And for security, the system locks up to restrict access to stored equipment.

Bin storage for Police equipment

Like the other systems, the pull-out shelving system accommodates a variety of configurations and shelving types, which makes it ideal for storing diverse types of police equipment. Learn more about pull-out storage shelving here.

Bin Shelving

Since quartermasters need to store many smaller supplies, bin shelving provides an excellent way to keep these various pieces of equipment organized and stored efficiently.

There is immense flexibility when it comes to bin shelving. Plastic bins are available in various colors and dimensions to accommodate different gear and supplies.

You can utilize stationary shelving racks designed for efficient bin storage—with specialized bin shelving, and the bins tilt down from the shelf above to offer easy access to stored parts. Alternately, you can incorporate bin shelving into any of the three storage solutions discussed above. 

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