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transitioning to a paperless office with document digitization software

If your daily workflow is often interrupted by searching for lost or misplaced paper documents, it may be time to start converting to a paperless office. A lot of businesses cringe at the idea of paper to digital conversion, especially at the thought of scanning all of their legacy information. However, there is software available for managing digital documents and document digitization that can make scanning and document conversion easy and efficient while ultimately reducing the costs of document management and document storage.

Paper to digital conversion systems work with virtually any scanner to create digital images of paper documents. After five easy steps using a Job Setup Wizard, you can be ready to start scanning and saving your documents as PDF or image files in just a few minutes. The document digitization program runs on a single workstation, saving you from having to maintain an entire database. And with ribbon-based interface, it is user-friendly and easy to use without requiring additional training. The program also works with other ECM systems and virtually any line-of-business applications to ensure complete and easy implementation for managing your digital documents.

benefits of paper to digital conversion of business documentspaper to digital conversion software for managing documents

There are many benefits of paper document digitization with paper to digital conversion software. In addition to reducing or even eliminating costs of paper storage–including the time spent searching for said documents–there are many other benefits of document digitization.

  • Multiple index values for indexing single documents or entire batches
  • Easy readability of digital documents with clean-up filters to ensure readable images
  • Digital documents are password-protected and electronic, thus decreasing vulnerability from theft, disaster, and loss
  • Save money by using existing scanning equipment with document digitization software
  • Take back office space used for storage and convert it into productive revenue-generating spaces
  • Better control of your enterprise content management system
  • Document histories for regulatory compliance
  • Custom export abilities

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