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The Most Advanced Records Management Software

One of the most powerful records management software tools is an RFID File Tracking System. It is best suited for businesses with a substantial amount of transactions; files being processed through many steps or moving between many people outside the file room; and where information is subject to critical security restrictions. The non-contact, non-line-of sight nature of an RFID File Tracking System is one of its main advantages in these situations because the tags can be read quickly and through numerous visually and environmentally problematic surroundings. Barcode systems and other optically read technologies do not have this ability. (Read about a bank that switched to an RFID File Tracking System)

a fixed rfid reader will passively track recordsHow the RFID File Tracking System Operates

Conventional RFID File Tracking Systems consist of two main components: readers (interrogators) and tags (inlays). The reader sends and receives radio frequency (RF) data to and from the tag through antennas. One reader can have several antennas that are in charge of sending and receiving the radio waves. The tag is composed of the microchip that houses the identifier (data), an antenna, and the label that the chip and antenna are mounted to.

The RFID labels extract their power from the reader. The reader transmits a low power radio signal through its antenna to the tag, which then receives the signal through its own antenna to power the microchip that is built-into the label. The tag will quickly communicate with the reader for verification that the tag was ‘read’ and the exchange of information took place.

Benefits of an RFID File Tracking Systemuse a portable rfid reader to locate office files

RFID readers can be placed in certain locations throughout a facility to keep track of what item(s), passed through the locations; which direction the items are going in; and the date and time the items were transported. One of the most convenient locations for an RFID reader is in a door frame because it eliminates the need for the file room clerk to scan each individual record or manually check out records. This also allows any folders stacked together to be read all at once. The same process applies to reading folders and then boxing them for file relocations.

rfid records management software systemIn addition, if employees have name badges with RFID tags, then ‘who’ had ‘what items’ would be tracked. The name badges can be used to monitor and restrict staff to or from physical locations and/or specific asset classifications.

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