automatic RFID information and data capture for file folder tracking

RFID file folder tracking and data capture

Automatic RFID information and data capture is a type of file folder tracking software that allows businesses to keep track of and retrieve information and data that moves through a process. This software allows the capture and collection of data without the need for human intervention, reducing human error that could prove disastrous when dealing with serial numbers or part numbers. RFID file folder tracking software also captures and stores data much faster than a human ever could.

how automatic RFID information & data capture worksfile folder tracking software for RFID information capture

RFID file folder tracking software is one of the newest and most effective technologies used for the automatic identification and tracking of products. A portable device usually referred to as a tag transmits data to an RFID reader and is processed as required. The RFID tag has a microchip, which can store up to 2 kb of data, attached to a radio antenna fastened on a substrate. The stored data is retrieved by the reader that receives signals from the RFID tag, and the information that is picked up is transferred to a computer in a readable, digital form. The computer then uses this information in a variety of ways, usually for supply chain management or asset and product tracking.

Investing in automatic RFID information and data capture technology may incur a hefty overhead cost at first, but the long-lasting benefits that come with using RFID file folder tracking software will eventually pay for itself. The technology is robust, secure, enhances product visibility, reduces human error, and can be constantly updated to reflect recent technological advancements.

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