How RFID Tag Label Systems Work

rfid tag label systems with portable readers to track file folders

One of the most powerful tools for file folder tracking is an RFID tag label system. The system consists of two main parts: the label tags (inlays) and the readers (interrogators). The label tags identify each file while the reader uses radio waves to scan the label tag and send a signal that identifies the location of the file. You can use the RFID tag label system to track file folders with both portable and stationary readers.

Portable Readers for Tracking File Folders

Portable readers allow you to take inventory or find missing file folders quicker than ever. For example, you can wave the reader along your stored file folders and it will automatically scan the RFID tag labels and update your records. You don’t have to touch or scan each folder individually, like you would with a barcode reader. And if a file is missing, you simply use the portable reader to quickly scan each area of your office where the file might be located. This eliminates the risk of human error when looking for a misplaced file folders.

Stationary Readers for Tracking File Folders

Stationary readers can be placed in certain locations throughout a facility to keep track of which file passed through the locations; which direction the files are moving; and the date and time the files were transported. One of the most convenient locations for a stationary reader is in a door frame because it eliminates the need for the file room clerk to scan each individual folder or manually check out folders. Also, the stationary reader can scan the RFID tag labels of stacked file folders that are grouped together, making the check-in and out process even easier.stationary readers can scan batches of rfid tag labels for tracking

Benefits to Using an RFID Tag Label System

There are numerous benefits to using an RFID tag label system for file folder tracking in your office including:

  • Automated collection and management of critical files
  • Improved productivity and regulatory compliance
  • Reduced file location and inventory errors
  • Quick and efficient file retrieval
  • Integration and scalability with related business systems
  • Web-based status retrieval
  • Alerts for unauthorized access
  • Multiple uses for many different departments: courts, law offices, financial offices, government agencies, insurance offices, libraries, pharmacies, and more.

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