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Check out the videos below to see how high-density filing and storage systems eliminate wasted static aisle space to make the most efficient use of your space.    go back to the top

Effective Storage Space Management (read more)

What Is High-Density Storage? (read more)

We Store Anything

What can you store in a high-density storage system? Practically anything. We have solutions for small microchips to large, heavy storage pallets.    go back to the top

High-Density Storage Shelving Sizes & Dimensions (read more)

Make the Most of Your Storage with High-Density Shelving (read more)

Powered vs. Hand Crank

Which is high-density storage system is better – powered push-button or hand-crank? Watch this entertaining video to help find the answer.    go back to the top

Powered vs Hand-Crank Shelving (read more)


Below are some of the features of high-density shelving.    go back to the top

High-Density Shelving Photo Sweep (read more)

Manual Assist High-Density Shelving Features (read more)

High-Density Shelving Pantograph Arm (read more)

Case Studies

Watch these videos to see how high-density shelving can make your facility space-efficient.    go back to the top

High Density vs. Lateral File Cabinets (read more)

High-Density Shelving for Records Centers (read more)

Kiosks & Showrooms

High-density shelving is a perfect way to save floor space in your showroom and elevate your company’s image.    go back to the top

High-Density Showroom Displays (read more)

High-Density Library Gift Shop Kiosks

Box Storage

High-density box shelving is an excellent application for maximizing floor space.    go back to the top

High-Density Record Box Storage Shelving (read more)


Our team of factory-certified technicians will install, relocate, and maintain your system throughout its life span. Watch this timelapse video of an installation.    go back to the top

High-Density Shelving Installation (read more)