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Powered Team Wins High Density Storage Championship With Their Superior Safety Devices and Unparalleled Speed

Now that the High Density Storage Championship Matchup is over, it’s time to check in with our resident experts, Ray, Smitty, and Rich, to get their take on the game.

High Density Storage Championship Matchup Powered Versus Hand-CrankWhat did you think about each High Density Storage Team?

Ray: Well, both High Density Storage teams played a great game, and it was really close there at the beginning but the Powered Team really came out strong at the end to bring home the win.

Smitty: High Density Storage really is an elite sport because only the best of the best are allowed to compete in this league, and we really saw the best two storage teams play today.

Rich: There was no surprise that the championship matchup consisted of two Spacesaver® teams. They have always been on the forefront of innovative High Density Storage designs. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

How do you think the Powered and Hand Crank Teams matched up as far as their storing ability?

High Density Storage Matchup Winner Donald with Kitchen Sink and Loser Tammy with BicycleRay: I think each team was pretty evenly matched because Donald and Tammy were both pulling out files, boxes, and binders from their respective shelving units.

Smitty: I agree, the Powered and Hand Crank Teams each excel in their storing abilities. But, one thing the viewers at home didn’t get to see was when Tammy, from the Hand Crank Team, pulled out the bicycle! I didn’t know that you could store bicycles in high density shelving!

Rich: Don’t forget, Donald pulled out an actual kitchen sink! Just goes to show you can store anything in a Powered or Hand Crank High Density Storage system.

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Storage capabilities are where the similarities end and the Powered Team made that very clear with their Push Button Controls and superior safety features.

Ray: The Powered Team really showed us on the field today that high quality safety features are an essential part of High Density Storage because as much as I hate to say it, they crushed the competition.

Smitty: The fact that Donald’s team member walked right into the aisle while the shelving was moving without having to set a safety device to protect himself was amazing. Talk about convenient!

Rich: Yea guys, the Powered Team calls it Zero Force Safety and it works through a series of infrared photoelectric beams shooting across the open aisle to protect team members and materials left in an open aisle. When one of those infrared beams is interrupted by a person or object in an open aisle, the shelving immediately stops moving. This means the powered team members do not have to think or remember to set a safety device when they are working in the Powered High Density Shelving system. The Zero Force Safety feature really is the star of the Powered Team because they can concentrate on retrieving items and not have to worry about safety while in the shelving system.

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Where do you think it went wrong for the Hand Crank Team?

Hand-Crank Shelving Team Safety Lock PenaltyRay: I really think what got them was that penalty late in the game. Tammy’s teammate not pushing the safety aisle lock before walking into the High Density shelving system really cost them and put them in a bad position.

Smitty: Unlike the Powered Team, the Hand-Crank Team really has to be aware and make sure they set that safety lock before they walk in the aisle. That’s why I always go with the Powered Team; you just can’t go wrong in any situation with their exemplary safety devices. There’s nothing like theirs anywhere else!

Rich: Don’t get me wrong, the Hand Crank is definitely a good team; however, the difference for me was how the Powered Team used technology to win today. The push button controls and safety features clearly made a difference in the outcome of today’s game.

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Where else did you think the Powered Team excelled over the Hand Crank Team in this High Density Storage Matchup? High Density Storage Battle Powered Teams Leads Against Hand Crank Team with Box Storage

Ray: Speed. You could see Donald didn’t have to work nearly as hard as Tammy to open the shelving, and he was in and out of there faster than her without breaking a sweat. The same thing can’t be said for Tammy. It was a good thing she had on her sweatband because she looked exhausted after turning that handle each time! That hand crank motion was really slowing her down.

Smitty: Well, I thought when Tammy was unable to turn the handle with the box in her hands and the papers fell all over the floor was a real game-changer. I hope she got all those documents back in the box in the right order.

Rich: What I noticed was how much faster Donald got into the aisle. Once the aisle was open wide enough, he was able to walk right in while the shelving was still moving! He didn’t have to turn a handle or hold down a button. That’s what really set the Powered Team apart in speed.

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Thanks Everyone! This Concludes Our High Density Storage Post Game Commentary.

High Density Storage Champion Donald Sponsored by Southwest Solutions GroupThere you have it; the Powered Team won the High Density Storage Championship Matchup over the Hand Crank Team because of their exceptional infrared safety devices and easy to use push-button controls. Don’t forget to tune in next week for the showdown between the Automated Vertical Lift Team and Horizontal Carousel Team! Also, check out Donald’s debut with Southwest Solutions Group to find out how he became a storage superstar by putting pallet racks on tracks to consolidate his company’s warehouse floor space by over 50% to make room for new offices.

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