Hand Crank High Density Shelving Safety Devices for Hand Crank Mobile Systems

This video shows how easy hand crank shelving is to move and the primary High Density Shelving Safety Device for hand-crank shelving called Hand Crank Handle Aisle Locks.

The hand crank high density shelving is equipped with an aisle lock safety device to make sure that people (and materials left in an open aisle) working in the open aisle are safe. To set the Hand Crank Handle Aisle Lock, the user simply pushes in the aisle lock button. Pushing in the Hand Crank Aisle Lock safety button prevents the handle from turning and the shelving from moving. When the person exits the open aisle, they need to remember to reset the Hand Crank Handle Aisle Lock button by pulling the button out to allow the handle/mobile shelving units to move for the next user. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

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Designing and Installing Hand Crank High Density Shelving with Aisle Lock Safety Devices

Southwest Solutions Group® has been designing and installing hand crank high density shelving with aisle lock safety devices since 1969. Send us a message or call us at 1-800-803-1083 today for more information on how high density shelving will benefit your business.


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