The Definition of High Density Storage and Access Aisles

High density storage is a concept based on the idea of condensing stored items into less space. The concept is represented by many different products with the same the basic function: moving shelving that compacts together to eliminate excess aisle space. When compared to lateral cabinets or traditional static shelving, high density storage systems will offer the same amount of storage capacity in approximately 50% less space. (See videos)high density storage shelving shelves cabinets racks

The spaces between rows of shelving (called access aisles) are what you walk through get to the item you need that’s sitting on the shelf. These access aisles are redundant. The amount of space the aisles occupy, coupled with the amount of time it takes to navigate through them, wastes both real-estate and time. Getting rid of access aisles makes sense, and high density storage systems do just that. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Different Types of High Density Storage Systems

There are many different storage products referred to as high density, but they basically fall into three different types.

High Density Storage Shelving

The first product – generally known as high density storage shelving, mobile shelving, or compact shelving – is the most popular and typically what people think of when they’re referring to a high density system. (watch a video about high density shelving to learn more)

These storage systems can be used for small, medium and large applications and in a variety of different markets including,

high density storage product sliding mobile shelving

  • Commercial businesses
  • Industrial and material handling
  • Libraries and schools
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Public safety and law enforcement facilities
  • Government buildings and military bases

Sliding Mobile Shelving

The second product is a double depth type of high density storage system. It’s usually called sliding mobile shelving, movable lateral shelving or bi-file shelving. These systems are the most cost-effective of the high density storage systems and work best for small to medium size applications. They can also be used throughout the same markets as the first product. (watch a video to see how sliding mobile shelving moves)

high density storage product compact pallet racksCompact Pallet Racks

The third product is generally used in warehouses that have large heavy-duty storage needs. Referred to as compact pallet racks, mobile pallet racking and mobilized warehouse racking, this product works best in warehousing and industrial facilities. (watch a video to see how much space you can save with compact pallet racks)

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