High Density Offers the Most Versatile Storage

high density shelving cabinets racks for office industrial healthcareBy now, you’ve probably heard of the hype around high density shelving, cabinets, and racks. Did you know that high density storage offers some of the most versatile storage solutions on the market? Here we will cover how to make the most of your storage, no matter what you’re storing. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving. (See videos)

What Can Be Stored in High Density Shelving?

High density shelving, cabinets, and racks come in a huge variety of standard and customized shapes and sizes capable of storing anything. Here are just a few examples of what you can store on high density shelves. Some of them may even surprise you. see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

  • Small electronic and maintenance parts
  • Office file folders, binders, and supplies
  • Inactive record boxes and archival boxes
  • Military and police weapons and gear
  • Athletic equipment such as football helmets and shoulder pads
  • Hanging uniforms, jerseys, lab coats, and museum garments
  • Healthcare, hospital, and pharmaceutical drug and supply storage
  • Bulky hand loaded boxes
  • Large industrial warehouse pallets weighing thousands of poundshow to make the most of your storage with high density systems

On top of being able to store virtually anything, high density shelving can also organize your stored items much more efficiently than static shelving, all while storing the same amount of items in half the space. With adjustable shelves and hundreds of specialized accessories, it’s easy to make high density storage work for you.

Frequently-Asked Questions

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