Industrial Sliding Shelves

3 types sliding mobile shelves industrial storage applicationsLack of space is a problem many industrial facilities face. No matter what you need to store, there is never enough room. And lack of space isn’t the only problem. In many cases, there is also a lack of budgeting for warehouses and industrial storage facilities. Sliding mobile shelves are a cost-effective solution to your space problem.

How Sliding Mobile Shelves Work to Optimize Space

What sliding mobile shelves do is remove access aisles that would typically eat up all your space. Shelves are stacked one row in front of the other; each row slides back and forth on tracks to give you access to the rows behind it. And you can stack up to 4 rows in front of each other.

Here are three types of sliding mobile shelves that will work to store items in industrial applications.

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Use Sliding Mobile Bin Shelves for Small Parts

Maintenance and repair departments typically have a lot of small parts to organize and store, which is why sliding mobile bin shelves are a great solution. You will save floor space and gain many other benefits from using the bins including:

sliding mobile bin shelves storing small parts

  • using color coding to speed up retrieval
  • small parts stay put and won’t slip through cracks
  • various size bins will store many types of parts
  • bins are an inexpensive investment

Sliding Mobile Shelves for Boxes

In many instances, warehouses are filled with boxes or there is a section devoted to box storage. It’s usually where archive records go to live out their days until they can be destroyed. These boxes could be taking up valuable space, which is why sliding mobile shelves for boxes are a great solution. You also reap all the other benefits of storing your boxes up, off the floor including:

  • clears access aisles
  • boxes are easy to find
  • boxes are protected from damage
  • reduces injury risks from lifting heavy boxes

shopping_cart_icon.png Sliding Box Shelving Storage Systems

record box sliding storage shelvingWe have a complete line of box storage solutions online at StoreMoreStore, including stationary box storage shelving, wide span box storage racks, and space-saving sliding box storage shelving systems (below).

The units below have 6 storage levels and range from 6′ 10″ to 7′ high (Click here to see sliding units with 7 storage levels).

Unit Width
2 Rows Deep Units (35″ deep)
3 Rows Deep Units (53″ deep)
4 Rows Deep Units (72″ deep)
5′ 4″
SMS-25-B021BX4P6(stores 36 boxes)
SMS-25-T021BX4P6(stores 48 boxes)
SMS-25-Q021BX4P6(stores 60 boxes)
7′ 4″
SMS-25-B221BX4P6(stores 54 boxes)
SMS-25-T221BX4P6(stores 72 boxes)
SMS-25-Q221BX4P6(stores 90 boxes)
10′ 10″
SMS-25-B232BX4P6(stores 90 boxes)
SMS-25-T232BX4P6(stores 126 boxes)
SMS-25-Q232BX4P6(stores 162 boxes)
12′ 10″
SMS-25-B054BX4P6(stores 108 boxes)
SMS-25-T054BX4P6(stores 156 boxes)
SMS-25-Q054BX4P6(stores 204 boxes)
14′ 4″
SMS-25-B243BX4P6(stores 126 boxes)
SMS-25-T243BX4P6(stores 180 boxes)
SMS-25-Q243BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
15′ 4″
SMS-25-B065BX4P6(stores 132 boxes)
SMS-25-T065BX4P6(stores 192 boxes)
SMS-25-Q065BX4P6(stores 252 boxes)
17′ 10″
SMS-25-B254BX4P6(stores 162 boxes)
SMS-25-T254BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
SMS-25-Q254BX4P6(stores 306 boxes)
20′ 4″
SMS-25-B087BX4P(stores 180 boxes)
SMS-25-T087BX4P6(stores 264 boxes)
SMS-25-Q087BX4P6(stores 348 boxes)
21′ 4″
SMS-25-B265BX4P(stores 198 boxes)
SMS-25-T265BX4P6(stores 288 boxes)
SMS-25-Q265BX4P6(stores 378 boxes)
24′ 10″
SMS-25-B276BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
SMS-25-T276BX4P6(stores 342 boxes)
SMS-25-Q276BX4P6(stores 450 boxes)
28′ 4″
SMS-25-B287BX4P6(stores 270 boxes)
SMS-25-T287BX4P6(stores 396 boxes)
SMS-25-Q287BX4P6(stores 522 boxes)


Sliding Mobile Wire Shelves for Temperature Controlled Areas

sliding mobile wire shelves in temperature controlled areasTemperature controlled areas like walk-in coolers and freezers aren’t cheap, and the spaces are usually very small. But when you have a lot of items to store like biological evidence, pharmaceuticals or food, you need a way to make use out of every inch of available space. And you also need storage that can handle the cold temperatures. That’s why sliding mobile wire shelves is the ideal storage solution for temperature controlled industrial areas.

Contact Us for Sliding Mobile Shelves

Southwest Solutions Group® offers design and installation services for all three types of sliding mobile shelves. You can also purchase them directly from our partner, StoreMoreStore. And if you have any questions or want more information, please contact us by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.