manual and hand-crank operation pull-out wall shelving units

Storage System for Housing Files, Binders, Sheet Music, and Supplies

Lateral file cabinets are falling out of favor in many company offices because they are so inefficient. They can really only store top-tab files and take up a lot of space. We provide contemporary storage systems, like Pull-Out Wall Shelving Units, that will meet the needs of today’s offices. Pull-Out Wall Shelving Units are extremely versatile and can store a wide range of items including files, binders, sheet music, and supplies. Also, the Pull-Out Wall Shelving Units take up much less space than lateral file cabinets. (view images of Pull-Out Wall Shelving Units) Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

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Pull-Out Wall Shelving Units Features

The Pull-Out Wall Shelving Units slide in and out from the wall on wheels. Because they are constructed of heavy-duty steel, the Pull-Out Wall Shelving Units are extremely durable. To keep stored materials safe and secure, key locks are available for the units. Also, the units have easily adjustable shelves that can be positioned on 1-1/2″ centers so the openings can be changed when needed to accommodate many different types of items.

storing files, binders, sheet music, and supplies in pull-out wall shelving units

Opening and Closing the Pull-Out Wall Shelving Units

There are two different modes for opening the Pull-Out Wall Shelving Units: hand-crank and manual. The hand-crank units slide out by turning a three-spoke handle. The handle is easy to rotate and provides the operator-controlled management on how fast the units pull-out and close. The manual units have a pull handle to open and close the unit. Which Pull-Out Wall Shelving Unit is right for you will depend on the frequency of use and items stored.

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