If you’re in the automotive industry, you know how important it is to have a well-organized and efficient workspace. After all, time is money! That’s why Southwest Solutions Group offers a variety of automotive storage racks specifically designed for the automotive industry. We have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. 

Here are just a few of our automotive storage racks available.

Automotive Battery Storage Rack

Our automotive battery storage racks keep your batteries organized and rotated. These battery racks have angled shelves to ensure older batteries are used first. The racks have a weight capacity of up to 3,900 lbs and can hold 100-112 batteries. This capacity is because the frames are high-quality materials that can handle the weight without any issues. Our product is the perfect choice for your auto service department for these automotive battery storage racks that can hold the weight of many batteries. 

Automotive Specialty Storage Racks

Some of the most challenging automotive parts to store are specialty parts such as fenders, bumpers, and tailpipes. They are challenging to store because they are large and bulky. These specialty parts can be stored in various ways, depending on their size, shape, and weight. For example, some auto parts can be hung on hooks or racks, while others can be stored in bulk racks. Our specialty automotive storage options can help you protect your parts from damage. In addition, these specialty storage units can help you maximize space in your auto service department and dealership.

Automotive Windshield Storage Racks

Southwest Solutions Group Automotive Windshield Storage Racks are a great way to keep your windshields safe and organized. These units are freestanding and come with two storage levels, making them perfect for small and large vehicles. Each rack has vertical bars that divide the space, making it easy to load and unload windshields. The shelf levels also include steel decking panels to help keep everything in place. These racks are perfect for both automotive parts rooms and auto windshield shops. Our windshield racks are the ideal way to efficiently store, protect, and organize and store your car or truck windshields. Our racks are designed specifically for automotive windshields, and we offer a variety of sizes and styles of racks. 

Automotive Pull-Out Pegboard Storage Rack

The automotive pull-out pegboard storage rack is a great way to organize those hard-to-store parts like belts, gaskets, and tools. The pegboard panel nest next to each other and slide in and out from the rack frame. The racks save space, protect products, and allow employees to view the products to find what they are looking for quickly. The pegs also help keep the parts in place so they won’t get lost or damaged. This automotive pegboard storage rack unit is an excellent solution for storage and display, and it’s easy to use.

Tire Carousels & Tire Storage Racks

We have several solutions for tire storage, including stationary racks, high-density racks, and tire carousels. The tire storage carousel utilizes vertical overhead space to minimize your storage footprint, allowing you to recover up to 70% of floor space. At the push of a button, the tire carriers rotate to bring the needed tires to the operator at an ergonomic level for access. Tire loading ramps are available to minimize the strain of loading and unloading heavy commercial tires.

The high-density tire storage racks are another efficient tire storage system superior to floor stacking and traditional static tire racks. The high-capacity rolling tire racks will more than double your storage capacity. Also, since the racks store tires horizontally instead of vertically stacking, selectivity is enhanced, and tires are protected from stacking damage.

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“I just want to take a minute to let you know how good of a job your install crew did yesterday. They were quick, fast, courteous, and very consensus during the installation. They were awesome, to say the least. Being in the service business ourselves, we know that you can never hear the words “Good Job” often enough. Please pass this along to your crew.”

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