Any business that uses and stores lots of tires understands how frustrating it is when tires are stored inefficiently. Unorganized stacks of tires make it difficult and time-consuming to locate and access needed tires. Such a system makes inefficient use of limited storage space, and your inventory visibility and control often suffer. If these issues sound all too familiar, tire carousels and tire storage racks may be the solutions you need.

Tire carousels and storage racks have streamlined tire storage for car dealerships, service centers, tire shops and warehouses, bus terminals, trucking companies, airports, and other businesses with extensive tire storage needs. These tire storage systems save space, improve organization and employee safety, and reduce retrieval time to maximize your efficiency. (Check out more efficient automotive storage solutions here.)

Read on to learn about the following space-saving tire storage systems:

  • Tire carousels
  • High-density tire storage racks
  • Overhead tire storage racks
  • Commercial tire storage racks

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Tire Carousels

Automated Vertical Tire CarouselsMotorized tire carousels have revolutionized tire storage for numerous facilities. These vertical tire storage systems store tires in rotating carriers for efficient storage and simplified retrieval.

The tire storage carousel utilizes vertical overhead space to minimize your storage footprint, allowing you to recover up to 70% of floor space. At the push of a button, the tire carriers rotate to bring the needed tires to the operator at an ergonomic level for access. Tire loading ramps are available to minimize the strain of loading and unloading heavy commercial tires.

Dual control options allow workers to operate the carousel from either side, further reducing retrieval time. The vertical carousels can also be designed with a second opening to load/unload tires to an upper mezzanine level for additional tire storage.

The tire carousel can accommodate tires anywhere from 28 to 44 inches in diameter. This makes it perfect for car and SUV tire storage, truck tire storage, aircraft tire storage, and more. For increased convenience, a single carrier can store various sized tires together. A single tire carousel unit can house up to 352 tires.

The automated vertical carousels are built to your specifications. The tire carousels come equipped with a keypad for access control, with the option of added security gates to protect tires further. The carousels come fully enclosed for employee safety, and the mesh enclosure preserves inventory visibility.

Tire carousel benefits at a glance:

  • Increases onsite tire storage capacity
  • Recovers up to 70% of floor space by utilizing vertical storage space
  • Centralizes inventory
  • Eliminates the need for ladders or forklifts to retrieve tires
  • Reduces risk of worker injury with ergonomic retrieval
  • Speeds tire retrieval time
  • Improves worker morale
  • Requires only a single operator
  • Mesh enclosure provides visibility

High-Density Tire Storage Racks

rolling high density tire racksHigh-density tire storage racks are another efficient tire storage system superior to floor stacking and traditional static tire racks. This high-capacity rolling tire rack storage system is an excellent solution for facilities with limited storage space.

In a high-density tire rack storage system, tire storage racks mount on rolling carriages that slide together when not in use. Operators open a single moving aisle to access needed tires. The system recovers wasted static aisle space to cut your storage footprint in half or double your storage capacity in your existing footprint.

The tire storage system has options for manual hand crank or powered operation, both requiring minimal effort. High-density storage racks can be custom designed to store tires of all sizes and various automotive parts, tools, and supplies to simplify your storage. Learn more about high-density storage systems here.

High-density tire storage system benefits at a glance:

  • Maximizes limited storage space
  • Doubles your storage capacity so you can keep more inventory in stock
  • Accommodates parts of all sizes
  • Improves tire organization
  • Provides easy access to stored tires

Overhead Tire Storage Racks

overhead tire storage liftOverhead tire storage racks are an innovative solution for storing tires. Great for garages and service centers, overhead tire storage racks lift to the ceiling for storage and lower gently to the floor at the push of a button for retrieval. The overhead storage lifts fit conveniently between garage bays for efficient point-of-use storage.

The motorized tire storage lifts utilize overhead air space to store tires safely out of the way, freeing up floor space for more productive use. Lifts come in single or double-tier racks, and each lift can accommodate 24 to 48 tires. With the increased organization and visibility the overhead tire racks afford, workers can quickly locate and access needed tires.

Overhead tire storage lift benefits at a glance:

  • Saves floor space
  • Increases tire storage capacity
  • Point-of-use tire storage for convenient access
  • Swift and safe retrieval
  • Improved organization and visibility of inventory
  • Overhead storage prevents tampering or theft

Commercial Tire Storage Racks

heavy duty truck tire racksTire storage racks are a more traditional alternative but still an effective option for improving your tire storage. Storage racks for tires are far more efficient than stacking tires on the floor. This solution makes it easier to locate and retrieve needed tires.

Standard car tire storage racks maximize your vertical storage space, with units containing up to six storage levels. These sturdy steel storage racks can store up to 96 tires in a compact footprint.

For oversized commercial tires for large trucks, 18-wheelers, buses, aircraft, and more, heavy-duty tire storage racks are available with a storage capacity of up to 36 tires per unit. We also offer rolling and wall-mounted tire storage racks to meet your tire storage needs. Learn more about tire storage racks here.

Tire storage rack benefits at a glance:

  • Increased tire storage capacity
  • Reduced retrieval time
  • Improved organization and visibility of inventory
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Easy to assemble

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