university library uses high bay mobile shelving to maximize warehouse spaceLibrary Finds a Storage Solution with High Bay Mobile Shelving

In order to save on costs as a university library grew their book collection, they decided to bring the materials that were being stored with a commercial vendor back under the control of the university. The school purchased a warehouse and used high bay mobile shelving to maximize their vertical space. Overall, the high bay shelving was able to provide space for future storage needs and reduce the costs associated with book storage.

Problems the University Library Experienced Storing Their Collection

Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract Previously, the library had a contract with a commercial off-site storage facility to handle their overflow of materials, but they had to pay a fee anytime a book needed to be retrieved and again when the item was returned. Also, the library was being charged for storing books based on the linear foot of shelving occupied. All of these costs were prohibitive and not a model the library could continue to use.

Why the Library Needed High Bay Mobile Shelving

The library purchased a warehouse with 50 foot high ceilings, but had a small footprint of width and depth. Because of this area limitation, they needed a solution to maximize the capacity of the space. That solution turned out to be high bay mobile shelving. The high bay mobile shelving would allow the library to store much more in the limited space than other conventional shelving systems.

Features of the Library’s High Bay Mobile Shelvinghigh bay mobile shelving storing library journals, books and archives

The high bay mobile shelving now houses bound journals from the years prior to 2000, a small number of books, and archival boxes. Features of the system include:

  • 34 foot high storage shelves
  • 30 shelf tiers
  • Initial storage capacity of 155,000 volumes
  • Projected capacity of the high bay mobile shelving system 300,000 volumes
  • Photo sweep and aisle entry safety sensors to recognize when someone is in the aisle
  • Integrated guide wire to ensure the forklift stays on course to protect shelving from damage

Benefits the Library Experienced with the New Off-Site Warehouse

The new warehouse with the high bay mobile shelving provides the library with the additional off-site storage capacity the campus needed in order to start repurposing existing space. The new storage system has also created a more efficient and user-friendly experience for patrons requesting off-site materials. There is now a mechanism built within the online library catalog that allows students and faculty to request materials from this new facility.

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