High Density Shelving and Cabinets Roll on Tracks to Save Floor Space

rolling-high-density-cabinets-on-tracksHigh Density Shelving and Cabinets will cut your storage and filing floor space in half, or double your storage and filing capacity (view High Density Shelving and Cabinets image gallery). Properly designed, High Density Shelving and Cabinets will increase worker productivity, making your business space efficient and productive. New or existing shelving or cabinets are placed on carriages that roll back and forth on floor tracks. Typically 80 % of the aisle space in storage and filing systems is not used at any given time. With High Density Shelving and Cabinets, you eliminate unnecessary access aisles and replace them with movable access aisles based on your activity levels. This allows you to cut your space in half or you can add additional shelving or cabinets to double your storage capacity in the same floor space. Click here to learn more about high density compact shelving.

Manual, Mechanical Assist and Powered High Density Shelving and Cabinets

High Density Shelving and Cabinets are available in three modes of operation: manual, mechanical assist (or hand crank), and powered (or push button). Determining which one is right for you is based on safety, activity, and productivity. Here is a little more information on each mode of operation.

Manual Operation

Manual High Density Shelving and Cabinets are moved on tracks with a simple pull handle. They do not have any type of safety and should not be considered except in extreme circumstances when activity is very low and shelving or cabinet rows are very short.

Mechanical Assist (Hand Crank) Operation

rolling high density compact shelving

Mechanical assist (hand crank) High Density Shelving and Cabinets are moved by a single spoke or three spoke control handle. Mechanical assist has have safety devices requiring the user to think or perform an action before entering the access aisle. Experience shows non-passive safety devices requiring thought or action are rarely used making these systems as safe as the user. Mechanical assist is used in most applications where you have limited users that are familiar with the High Density Shelving and Cabinets.

Powered (Push Button) Operation

Powered (push button) controls are the easiest to use. A great analogy for the ease of use and reliability of them would be automobile windows. Cars come with hand crank windows requiring you to roll down the window or powered windows that automatically roll your windows up and down; the same is true with machanical assist and powered High Density Shelving and Cabinets.

Protecting the people and materials in your High Density Shelving and Cabinets is always the first consideration in design. Safety is recommended whenever you have several users using the same filing or storage system; when you have users that are unfamiliar with the system (like public access or the boss); when shelving and cabinet rows are over 20 feet long; and when you need special automatic features like security, lighting, or air and dust control. Spacesaver® is the industry leader in innovative safety systems with more safety device patents than the rest of the industry combined. Spacesaver’s powered safety devices require no thought or action from the user. When someone steps into an aisle or if materials are left on the floor of an open aisle, the intelligent design of the safety devices recognizes and halts movement of the High Density Shelving and Cabinets. Once the item or person is cleared the intelligent safety device automatically resets itself.

Powered High Density Shelving and Cabinets have many of benefits including automatic security for entire systems or restricted access for selected areas, audit feature, automatic fire prevention, automatic lighting, and automatic ventilation feature.

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Unlimited High Density Shelving and Cabinets Storage and Filing Applications

High Density Shelving and Cabinets have unlimited applications. Anything from a microchip to an aircraft engine can be stored in the shelving and cabinets. One of the reasons is that Spacesaver shelving has over 1,200 accessories making it flexible to different applications and to change. If you have stuff that needs to be stored, High Density Shelving and Cabinets will store it, in less space. Some applications include:

high density compact file shelving cabinets

  • Lateral file cabinets, vertical file cabinets, and side tab file shelving
  • Record box storage
  • Museum cabinets and framed art storage
  • Numerous material handling and industrial storage shelving including bulk rack and pallet rack storage
  • Library book shelving
  • Numerous hospital storage applications including supply shelving
  • Evidence storage shelving
  • Athletic equipment storage

Designing and Installing High Density Shelving and Cabinets

We specialize in designing and installing High Density Shelving and Cabinets. Our team of specialists can analysis your storage and filing areas and provide a comprehensive proposal and plan drawings for your evaluation. Whether you need help designing mobile storage shelving or division 10 construction specifications section 10 56 26 and 10681, we can assist you. Send us a message or call us today at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with a specialist in your area.


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