Easy-to-clean rolling trolley service storage improves user productivity

portable utility shelving cartsPortable utility shelving carts provide a durable mobile storage solution that transports stored materials to wherever needed fast. Its stainless steel design makes rolling trolley service storage easy-to-clean while the wire construction encourages ventilation to minimize dust accumulation. Units deliver stored supplies to the point of need to ease access while keeping it clean at all times, so users get optimal material use and improve productivity. Fabricated from robust material, the systems can withstand medium to heavy-duty use and are perfect anywhere that needs a sanitary method to move items such as chemicals and medical equipment from one place to another while keeping it fresh to ensure performance.

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Portable utility shelving carts ensure safe material load transportability

These portable utility shelving carts come in two or three-shelf level high configurations, each with ample space in between to accommodate an exchange of air that ensures stored items receive proper ventilation and stay fresh. Crafted from sturdy material with superior strength, units won’t buckle under pressure from having to support heavy loads that weigh hundreds of pounds and risk damaging inventory on lower levels.

rolling trolley service storage

Their weight capacity varies based on the shelf width used. Those accommodating shelves that measure up to 48″ wide can hold as much as 800 pounds per shelf with even weight distribution. Units made with shelves that measure above 48″ wide can support up to 600 pounds per shelf based on even weight distribution. Posts come in sets of four that accommodate up to 2,400 pounds. Its caster wheels provide safe transportability, with each supporting up to 300 pounds. 

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