Tilted library book CD & DVD Shelves on casters save space

tilted library book cd dvd shelves castersTilted library book CD (compact disc) and DVD (digital video disc) shelves on casters provide mobile visual media display storage that users can relocate to save space. Personnel does not have to unload and reload stored items during this time, either. Its sloped shelf design keeps stored collections from sliding off and onto the floor during transit. Staff can then move everything elsewhere in one trip and reuse the area to accommodate other activities.

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Facilities can benefit in many ways from using the portable space-saving solution, including:

  • Being able to do more with existing space.
  • Using the budget to expand services, rather than spending it to renovate the building’s footprint.
  • Adding and displaying component parts to unit ends helps maximize the available space while creating material consolidation convenience and efficiency.

Easy-to-access mobile visual media display storage

mobile visual media display storageMobile visual media display storage units with single or double-faced base designs available to accommodate user collection organizational needs. Equipped with sloped shelving, users can access and retrieve stored items without any discomfort or injury. The sleek-looking systems include an attractive powder coating durable enough to provide lasting, reliable service. Organized items sit back on a comfortable and safe angle to simplify title reading.

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