Backpack & laptop charging locker storage quite the sensation

backpack laptop charging locker storageTrading in textbooks and notebooks for laptops and tablets was a novel idea five years ago. Their use has spread like wildfire, especially with technology advancing so fast. So, it makes sense that storage makers would come up with accommodating solutions. Among those becoming quite the sensation is backpack and laptop charging locker storage. Units have a vented airflow cooling compartment to promote circulation. It helps keep devices cool, ensuring they don’t malfunction from overheating. There is also an included channel that helps conceal electrical wiring, providing a cleaner appearance. Each has punch-outs to make installing duplex electrical outlets easy. Read more articles about lockers that accommodate electronic devices, including laptops and tablets.

Backpack & laptop charging locker storage promise theft protection

The backpack & laptop charging locker storage is appropriate for school and business environments. Keyless programmable locks allow user entry access via a simple pin number. That way items remain secure and protected from theft.

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Backpack & laptop charging locker storage features

Backpack & laptop charging locker storage features include:

Body Construction: 16 gauge sheet steel with diamond perforated side wall vents. Each locker has built-in channel to conceal (aftermarket) wiring to convert lockers to charging stations. Channel includes punch outs for electrical outlets in each opening.

Frames: Welded frames constructed of 16 gauge steel

Interior Shelves: One interior shelf with side wall vents to promote airflow for cooling. (Designed for laptops and other electronic gear)

Doors: 14 gauge solid sheet steel

Hinges: Continuous piano type (16 gauge)

Locks/Handles: Keyless programmable electronic locks (see below) with temporary and permanent modes. Lock serves as door pull when in the open position.

Legs: Six-inch high legs are standard, except four-wide wall mount horizontal lockers

Finish: Painted platinum (light gray) color powder coat finish

GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified™

Warranty: Two-year manufacturer’s warranty

Backpack & laptop charging locker storage electronic lock features

vented airflow cooling compartmentLocks ship in the temporary use mode.

Powered by two AA batteries (included) which provide more than 10,000 uses. LED on lock will flash to indicate low battery level. Lockers come with a Master Key override to open locks when batteries are low or dead.

Locks include 8-digit master and sub-master codes for two levels of management security.

Temporary Use Mode:

The user can lock and unlock any available locker door with a user-selected 4-digit code.

To reopen the locker, the user enters the 4-digit code to unlock the door.

After reopening locker, the pin code gets erased and the locker is available for the next user.

Permanent Mode:

The user enters a pre-programmed 4-digit code to unlock and use the locker repeatedly.

Lock does not need a code to relock door.

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