80% Faster Turnaround with High Speed Scanning

faster turnaround with document capture scanningA regional banking company with dual headquarters in two different states was challenged to find the best way to capture and centrally store loan documentation files. Previously, the bank had centrally scanned all commercial and consumer loan documents with low-speed desktop scanners. This caused various difficulties in the scanning process that slowed them down. The bank was able to achieve faster turnaround (80%) with high-speed digital document capture and scanning. This allowed them to not only achieve faster turnaround but also reduce their paper storage, improve data capture, and much more. Click here for our complete document scanning process.

Scanning Challenges

The bank’s previous low-speed scanning system caused several problems:

  • Poor image quality: The scanner’s settings had to be manually manipulated each time to ensure optimum image quality for every type of document processed. This included everything from insurance certificates, titles, appraisals, and computer-generated forms. This both took a lot of extra time and resulted in inconsistent image quality across the board. Learn more about high-speed document scanning services.
  • Slow scanner throughput: Stopping the scanning process to manually adjust the settings took a lot of time. The bank’s old scanners were also not able to handle different types of documents, which resulted in jams. The bank had to rescan up to 20% of their work.
  • Document preparation: Documents had to be physically sorted into document type and loaded into the back end system.

Digital Document Capture & Scanning Solutions

The high-speed digital document capture and scanning solution allows the bank to process paper documents for 15 different loan types quickly, easily, and accurately. High speed scanning has offered a wide range of benefits:

  • high speed digital document capture scanning services80% faster turnaround for image capture cycle times
  • Superior image quality regardless of document type without the need to manually manipulate scanner settings
  • Inter-mixed documents can be processed in the same batch
  • Five old desktop scanners replaced with two new high-speed scanners
  • 15% reduction in staff
  • Reduced paper storage: Most paper loan documents are destroyed 60 days after processing
  • Less wasted paper
  • Improved morale
  • Foundation for future automation initiatives, such as electronic loan signing

High-speed document scanning has been beneficial to many different organizations in a wide variety of markets. Whether you need to scan legacy documents or active records, we can help you get organized and determine which documents need to be scanned, digitized, and indexed.

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