Backpack & tablet lockers secure investment for museums

backpack tablet lockersBackpack and tablet lockers are ideal for short-term museum use. Each comes with electronic charging power and keyless storage lock access to secure personal belongings. Its durable design reinforces the system’s ability to withstand wear and tear from any application, not only schools and businesses.

Units include a channel which helps conceal (aftermarket) electrical wiring and give it an attractive look. The channels have punch-outs for electrical outlets that permit users to charge anything from tablets to mobile phones and laptops. Its top shelf features vented sides, which allow a steady stream of air to flow through the cooling compartment so devices don’t become overheated. Programmable locks regulate access using a simple pin number specific to the user. This releases cultural centers from any legal obligation should stored items go missing.

Some cultural institutions do allow patrons to carry smaller bags if secured on the shoulder. Many have strict policies in place that forbid visitors to carry large daypacks or valuables as a matter of safety and security. The features offered with purchasing the backpack and tablet lockers ensure safe accommodation for these possessions, making it a secure investment for museums.

Features for backpack & tablet lockers

  • Made from 16 gauge sheet steel with diamond perforated side wall vents, these backpack and tablet lockers promote durable use while allowing proper ventilation
  • Welded frame construction made from 16 gauge steel
  • A single interior shelf features side wall vents to support airflow for cooling laptops and other electronic equipment
  • Doors made from 14 gauge solid sheet steel, while continuous piano type hinges made of 16 gauge
  • Temporary and permanent operating modes available for keyless programmable electronic locks, which serve as door pull when in the open position
  • Six-inch high legs are standard, except when using four-wide wall mount horizontal lockers
  • Painted platinum (light gray) color powder coat finish adds durability and promotes environmental friendliness
  • GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified™
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty 

Features for electronic operated keyless storage locks

  • electronic charging power keyless storage lock accessLocks ship in temporary use mode
  • Powered using two (included) AA batteries which provide in excess of 10,000 uses. LED on lock will flash to indicate low battery level. Lockers come with a Master Key override to open locks when batteries are low or dead.
  • Locks include 8-digit master and sub-master codes for two levels of management security

Temporary Use Mode:

  • Users can lock and unlock any available locker door using their own 4-digit code.Entering it will prompt the door to unlock, allowing users to reopen the locker.
  • After locker is reopened, the PIN code gets erased and the locker becomes available for the next user

Permanent Mode:

  • Users enter a pre-programmed 4-digit code to unlock and use the locker in a repeat fashion
  • Lock does not require a code to relock door

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