wire baker rack storage cartsWhen thinking about storage ideas, baker racks provide a flexible and unique space-saving solution. The popularity of Baker Racks has seen an increase in demand during recent years. In addition to hospitals and retailers, markets investing in the solution now include airlines, hotels, bakeries, grocery stores, and similar industries. Often, they are the optimal choice to store food, bed linens, cosmetics, and more. The concept and design of Baker Racks are more functional today and comes in many styles to suit your application.

The three baker rack storage ideas in this article include:

Economical Wire Basket Baker Racks

These wire basket baker racks have an economical mesh design strong enough to ensure that inventory remains contained and clean. Able to eliminate dust while providing airflow, they’are quite useful in hospitals and warehouses. The shelving carts have a basket-type shelf front that keeps hard-to-store items from rolling off a standard flat wire shelf. 

You can perform this task without fear of causing injury or damage to inventory since the systems bins have a versatile design. If you are unable to rotate supplies safely simply, adjust the components on 1″ increments to generate more space. This is safer than trying to access openings too narrow to fit your hand and risking injury. Inventory also avoids sustaining damage while being pulled to the front or placed in the back. It leads to fewer replacements and waste, meaning facilities save money and have efficient equipment to provide improved service and care.

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Due to the adaptability of wire basket baker racks, you can create optimal storage conditions through divider integration. While dividers are optional, they do help ensure everything remains organized and accessible while maximizing footprint efficiency. You can also add other accessories such as label holders that offer a point of reference. It increases the cost but can prevent users from making retrieval errors that slow workflow.

Opportunities to utilize the available space to the fullest even extends to the floor since units have casters that allow simple and safe relocation. The wheels polyurethane design has many advantages. These include:

  • Provide mobile flexibility to save space.
  • Minimize noise to ensure a quieter movement.
  • Protect floor surfaces from wear and tire marks.
  • Resisting corrosion and capable of bearing more weight.

Tilting Wire Basket Baker Rack

tilting wire basket baker rack storage If you want a similar solution to the standard Wire Basket Baker Rack, but with more versatility, a Tilting Wire Baker Rack could better suit your application. These have basket shelves that allow flat or angled installation to give you better parts and supply access. Flexible in design, the components promote easy integration, removal, and modification. This enables hospital and warehouse personnel to reconfigure the Tilting Wire Basket Baker Rack to accommodate inventory growth.

The Tilting Wire Basket Baker Rack also offers design flexibility since they come with casters to provide efficient and safe transport to other locations. This frees up the floor, allowing facilities to use the existing footprint in a more productive capacity. Units on wheels allow smooth relocation, helping limit how much manual handling users do. Being able to move the racks ensures everyone has everything within convenient reach. Thus, personnel avoids walking to search for materials in other areas and wasting valuable production time.

Because the Wire Baker Rack storage models have bin shelves that allow flexible positioning, you can adapt the components to suit your stock rotation needs. Using shelf collar hooks, you can angle the parts up or down to ensure full visibility and ergonomic access to materials. Simply install the baskets in a horizontal position to ensure hard-to-store items remain static. Due to the wire design and ample open space between compartments, airflow can circulate throughout to minimize dust.

To help you decide which Wire Basket Baker Rack option is best for your situation, here are some advantages that each can provide.

  • Stationary models include leveling feet that are adjustable to correct balance problems that prevent steady use on uneven floors.
  • Separate wire divider integration to create bins large enough to consolidate stock you have to keep organized. It eliminates the need for plastic containers.
  • Alternative mobile configurations use polyurethane non-marking swivel casters with donut bumpers that maximize serviceability and protect walls and furniture from damage.
  • Carts can include the wire dividers to provide the same cost-effective benefits while optimizing the area to maximize space use and improve storage efficiency.

Wire Basket Baker Rack Storage Drawer Carts

baker rack plastic storage drawer cartsDo you have bulk parts and more to store and transport around your warehouse or hospital? If yes, then consider using the Wire Basket Baker Rack with drawers. They are more suited for items too large to fit on flat metal shelves, yet offer the versatility to keep supplies clean and ventilated while saving space. Everything remains safe and available to handle while in storage or relocated to another area.

This design offers drawers or shelves that pull-out while integrated into extension glides. It allows you ergonomic access to ensure safer material handling during storage and retrieval. The components also allow flexible placement to give full access to the available space. Furthermore, you can add accessories to maximize functionality. Available options vary based on the type of basket you select, but some include:

  • Bottom dust covers to keep debris out, so items remain clean and safe to handle.
  • Hangable label tags able to promote organization for more efficient picking.
  • Combination short and long dividers able to separate space and maximize use.
  • Red safety stops to prevent baskets from opening.

Design flexibility extends further, since the standard or heavy-duty baker rack drawer carts can have plastic or wire bins. The plastic baskets can absorb impacts without causing damage to parts. Due to being softer, they are less likely to scratch items if they are rolling around during transit. Wire alternatives offer more strength to support heavier materials.

Stainless steel wire shelves provide airflow to keep inventory clean while allowing light to pass through to enable better visibility. Wire shelves also keep moisture and dust to a minimum while increasing the effectiveness of fire-suppression systems. The wire baskets can have chrome, zinc, anti-microbial, and epoxy finishes for use in wet or dry environments.

Be sure to check out alternative stationary Wire Baker Racks, if you want a solution designed to streamline small parts picking efficiency. The industrial-chrome wire shelves are slanted to promote organization. Like the other configurations, these include shelving that enables airflow to minimize dust and keep supplies clean. Flexible in design, the components permit modification to allow full access to the storage space. You also have better visibility since the shelves permit light to pass through. Unlike the alternatives, units can include optional casters.

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