Four Types of Baker Racks That Save Space

The space-saving versatility of baker racks (also known as wire shelving) extends beyond stationary storage options. These storage units allow hospitals, warehouses, and similar settings to maximize storage areas and improve productivity, helping your business and employees function more efficiently. As an extension to the previous article, this one will focus on four types of baker racks that save space. The four National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved space-saving solutions examined here include:

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Top Track Mobile Baker Racks

top track mobile baker racksTop track mobile baker racks are wire shelving units with wheels that are guided by overhead tracks. This method of storage allows baker racks to compact together by creating a moveable aisle. Storage units move to the left or right guided by the top track to allow access to stored materials. Replacing static aisles with a moveable aisle reduces storage space by 50% or doubles your storage capacity in the same space as a stationary baker rack configuration. 

Along with the dramatic space-saving benefits, top track mobile racks also improve employee productivity by storing more materials closer to the point of need. The availability of materials on hand eliminates out of stock issues and time spent walking to additional storage areas to retrieve materials. Eliminating bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your business will enhance customer service and improve employee morale. 

A typical mobile baker rack storage system using top tracks will consist of six to eight storage units from 3′ to 6′ long. The storage units are normally 7′ tall and come with adjustable wire shelves. These systems are flexible and easily designed to meet your space and storage requirements. For current pricing of this product, click on one of the thumbnails below.

Advantages of top track mobile baker racks wire shelving include:

  • Top track systems do not have any floor tracks to stumble over or clean around.
  • Do not require anchoring to the floor. 

Disadvantages of top track mobile baker racks include:

  • Top track shelving units do not move as easily as baker rack shelving systems.
  • Top track shelving rows are limited to one unit long (maximum 6′ long).

Some advantages of choosing top track mobile baker racks are:

  • Economical
  • Easy to install
  • Baker racks allow light to penetrate in to give better visibility
  • Baker racks allow air to circulate and eliminate dust accumulation
  • Several finishes to choose from including chrome, stainless steel, anti-microbial, and epoxy.

High-Density Baker Racks 

high density baker racksHigh-density baker rack storage systems function like top track systems, except they use a floor track guidance system instead of a top track guidance system. Low-profile ADA compliant tracks are attached to the floor, and baker racks with wheels roll back and forth on the tracks. The benefit of using a floor track system instead of a top track system is the length of the shelving rows. 

With a v-groove floor track facilitating storage system movement, systems save you space while condensing medical supplies, clean room parts, and more into a smaller footprint. Like lateral alternatives, they are easy to install and add onto later if your inventory increases, and you need more storage space to consolidate everything into the existing footprint. To create and eliminate access aisles, slide the wire shelves over the American Disability Act-compliant floor rails.

Since the high-density baker racks move along tracks that meet ADA regulations, personnel with and without disabilities can operate them efficiently. During use, you can expand and narrow access aisles as needed to ensure you and materials remain safe. Able to do this, no one risks personal injury or causing damage to inventory during retrieval. 

The high-density baker racks also allow airflow to minimize dust and promote cleanliness, helping ensure material longevity. Systems even allow optional protective cover integration to eliminate dust accumulation and ensure supplies remain clean and safe to handle. It can help facilities reduce waste and avoid stretching their budgets to buy replacements.

Economic benefits that can result from using the versatile space-saving high-density storage systems include:

  • Lower construction costs.
  • You pay less in shipping.
  • It can use the structure of existing shelves that facilities have on hand, helping extend on-site equipment’s lifespan and promote affordable reuse.

Lateral Wire Baker Rack Storage

lateral wire baker rack storageLateral wire baker rack storage units combine static and mobile wire shelves stacked from two to four rows deep to reduce your storage footprint and free up floor space. The front moveable units slide sideways along a track to give you access to the stationary units in the back. When finished retrieving materials from the rear shelves, return the mobile units to the front. Performing this operation allows the aisle to disappear and leaves you with compact storage that takes up less space.

Lateral wire baker racks use less space to keep stored materials organized. However, more than half of the products are always exposed and visible. Thus, units are most popular with applications where maximizing storage capacity for frequently accessed items is essential, including:

  • Cleanroom and electronic facilities that require clean, flexible storage to accommodate everything from burn-in racks, semiconductor parts, and wafer boats.
  • Foodservice environments with storage storerooms and refrigerated walk-in coolers to store bulk food supplies, canned goods, kegs of wine bottles, and more.
  • Hospital surgical suites and pharmacies that have medical supplies, operating kits, and prescription medications to store.
  • Retail storerooms that need flexible storage space to keep inventory organized.

Employees working in these environments also have access to over 50% of materials stored along the central aisles, helping cut down retrieval times and improve productivity. 

The lateral wire baker rack storage units come with rolling platforms, rails, and hardware to simplify installation. Double, triple, and quad shelving row depths available with adjustable shelves to help you maximize your storage space. Configurations have an industry-standard durable chrome finish with the option to upgrade to rust and corrosion-resistant zinc if desired. 

Here are some advantages to using the lateral wire baker rack storage:

  • They are simple to install and relocate or expand through further module integration to accommodate growth.
  • Easy to configure according to your unique specifications and integrate with new or existing shelves.

Compact Wire Pull-Out Baker Racks

compact wire pull out baker rack storageCompact wire pull-out baker racks provide a kitted shelving solution that moves back and forth while mounted on casters to eliminate aisles in between shelf rows that waste space. Removing empty aisles compacts the independently operated shelves into a more efficient footprint, saving you valued floor space. Without aisles taking up the floor, facilities pay less to lease and maintain the space while maximizing storage footprint efficiency.

The convenient compact wire pull-out baker rack storage kits include adjustable shelves made from durable wire that allows airflow to minimize dust collection. Through this unique design, you can maximize storage space efficiency with a simple shelf adjustment without sacrificing cleanliness or visibility. For these reasons, the systems are good to use in industrial warehouses that often lack efficient storage space due to a poor layout and healthcare facilities where cleanliness remains essential. They are also versatile enough to accommodate retail stores, electronics facilities, and more. 

Advantages to selecting the compact wire pull-out baker racks include:

  • Available as a complete kit, making usage more convenient and budget-friendly.
  • Its shelves slide on polyurethane non-marring casters with donut bumpers that absorb impact to prevent damage to walls.
  • Easy to assemble with a rubber mallet. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Baker Storage Rack Finishes?

Baker racks are available in the following finishes to meet your specific requirements.

  • Chrome: Is the industry-standard and perfect for accommodating your display and dry storage needs. Manufacturer’s limited 1-year warranty against rust and corrosion.
  • Zinc: Similar to chrome but with a slightly duller finish. It costs less than chrome, is more durable, and can resist corrosion while tolerating extreme temperatures. Able to accommodate storage needs in dry, wet, or food service environments. Manufacturer’s limited 3-year warranty against corrosion and rust.
  • Antimicrobial: Provides protection to slow down bacteria growth and keep food safe. It also helps minimize dust accumulation to simplify cleaning and is ideal to use in foodservice, healthcare, and school environments. Manufacturer’s limited 5-year warranty against corrosion and rust.
  • Black epoxy alternatives have a black epoxy powder coat over a rust inhibiting undercoat. They are more resistant to humid warewashing areas, walk-in coolers, or wet storage. In addition, warehouses and retailers often like this finish because of its subtle coloring. Manufacturer’s limited 5-year warranty against corrosion and rust. 
  • Stainless steel selections with the stability and durability to handle moisture and extreme temperatures. Able to resist corrosion, this type of finish can withstand use in industrial warehouses, retail stores, and the food service industry. Manufacturer’s limited 15-year warranty against rust and corrosion.

For more on this topic, be sure to check out part one of our guide on baker rack storage ideas that save space.

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