Naval Base enhances storage With High Density Storage

naval base improves storage efficiency with mobile high density systemsAs with other branches of the military, the Navy has also experienced pressure to downsize while improving readiness to meet increased operational commitments at the same time. A naval base in California recently redesigned their facility to improve storage efficiency and organization with high density systems. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

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The past three years has seen a substantial increase in the expectation for naval units to maintain high readiness for any possible contingency. However, the naval base had limited facilities to store and stage equipment for deployments. A primary concern was quick and easy access to materials; poor access and visibility of their stock contributed to a large amount of outdated and excess equipment in the base’s storage areas. The battalion’s supply department is tasked with the storage, maintenance, and issue of uniforms and infantry equipment for more than 450 active duty naval officers and up to 2,000 reservists. They also maintain the central tool room that contains tools for construction projects and equipment repair. Their goal was to redesign their warehouse and tool room to make it more accessible and increase security. In the uniform and infantry gear warehouse, the new design helped define three areas: bulk storage, issue point, and individual storage.

naval organization improved with mobile high density storage

In bulk storage, security of the palletized gear located on open rack shelving was improved with the addition of large lockable fencing. The issue point storage area, which is used to issue bulk storage items to individuals, was redesigned with a new high density system inside a secure enclosed security cage. Before the redesign, bulk and issue items were kept on open shelving, which increased the risk of loss and theft. One custodian is assigned to each bulk storage and issue point. They control access to the space and are held accountable for all items placed in their care.

Individual storage was also established to store infantry equipment once it was issued to them. Specially designed lockers were stacked four high onto a large powered high density system. Each locker is assigned to an individual who is responsible for securing and accounting for their gear. Responsibility—including financial responsibility—now lies with the individual, which has led to less loss and replacement costs for the government. The central tool room’s security and functionality was also upgraded with lockable fencing and high density systems. The system transformed their previous piles of tools on the ground to a well maintained, easily accessible stock of equipment. The naval base has saved both money and time through the improvements in their storage areas. They’ve also been able to increase their bulk and equipment staging areas by condensing their individual and issue storage space. Now when preparing for fly-out, they’re confident that their equipment is safe, accessible, and ready to go at all times.

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