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touchscreen powered storage high densityFrom cell phones and tablets to ATMs and kiosks, LCD touchscreen technology has become a part of our everyday lives. Just recently, that technology has become affordable enough to adapt to mainstream use. That’s why the cost effective touchscreen technology was designed to add usability to powered mobile storage. Now, there are enough user-friendly and innovative features of the powered mobile systems to allow anyone to use it with ease. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

easy-to-use touchscreen controls for Mobile Storage Shelving

The control head consists of a 4.3″ touchscreen that goes beyond the standard control to offer additional security and more intuitive control options. Affordability and the worldwide adoption of touchscreen technology aren’t the only reasons for this updated control option; it also offers an interface that is intuitive, much easier to use, and infinitely customizable for consistently improving customer experience. The control head virtually guides the user through how to use the system, and only show commands on the screen that are relevant to the user at the time. In other words, if a carriage on the mobile system can only move to the left, only the left “Move” button is displayed. If the system is moving, only the “Stop” button is displayed. The user always knows what the system is doing, which eliminates a great deal of confusion, especially for a user who might not be used to operating a mobile system. Everything visible serves a purpose. On top of that, the control pads also give the powered mobile systems a new, fresh look.touchscreen control pad powered high density storage shelving

Even the features that aren’t immediately noticeable serve a purpose on the touchscreen technology. The control pad includes build-in tutorials to coach users on how to properly use the system. The tutorials combined with the on-screen instructions essentially negates the need for an Owner’s Manual that can be difficult to navigate for the average person.

The ease-of-use component doesn’t just benefit the end users of the product. With the new touchscreen technology, there’s no computer needed and no complicated set-up for the system. Configuring security options, setting up access codes, and anything else can be done directly from the single control head on the system. In addition to the increased ease of use, the touchscreen technology offers a variety of customization options to meet customer needs, including PIN code access, card access, and audit tracking to increase security and safety for use in many markets and applications. The LCD interface itself is also customizable with features such as custom graphics, screensaver options, colors, service contracts, and languages. The touchscreen is impact- and static-resistant to ensure longevity. The control pad’s resistant-touch technology is also completely ADA compliant, so anyone with an implement or prosthetic limb is able to operate the system.

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