Tool carts for mechanics

tool carts mechanicsTool carts for mechanics or mobile bench cabinets with locking storage drawers and panels keep supplies safe and organized during transit. With secure access to ample interior space, personnel can consolidate everyday equipment into one solution. Then, transport it over to work areas, so they have everything within quick, easy reach. It prevents staff from wasting time while walking somewhere else to retrieve materials.

Tool carts for mechanics come in many different configurations to suit your auto body shop needs. Select from comprehensive options with features that add style while allowing the models to provide theft protection and keep content visible. Some include:

    • A butcher block maple top that adds a clean and pleasing look to complement the truck’s durable design.
    • Solid steel doors with a pegboard integrated on the inside so you can securely store and organize tools.
    • With or without center shelves that divide the available space in half to give you separate areas to store and organize equipment. Without the center shelf to provide a physical barrier, users can stack boxes within the space to maximize use.

Mobile bench cabinets 

In addition to the locking storage drawers and panels, the mobile bench cabinets have clear view doors. Users can see the content without opening the doors, allowing fast and efficient inventory verification. It enables airflow as well, helping prevent dust accumulation and keep items clean. Since the doors can remain locked or unlocked with keys, you can also decide how much security units’ have. The portable solutions allow operators access to an ergonomic handle that promotes simple and safe steering bench cabinets locking storage drawers panels

Furthermore, a floor lock keeps the carts in a secure position to prevent accidental collisions that can lead to injury. Casters give the systems the flexibility to save space through simple and safe relocation. Units can support up to 3,600 lbs and allow bin integration to the louvered panels. It’s a more efficient use of space and enables the counter to remain clean and clutter-free. Click here to see more industrial storage solutions.

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