Storage casegoods with adjustable shelves & dividers 

science lab microscope cabinetsSchool science lab microscope cabinets or storage casegoods have adjustable shelves and dividers that users can adapt to optimize space. You can use the interior to accommodate general classroom needs since the partitions allow removal. It provides a more efficient alternative to leaving it empty if you have everyday supplies that need a home. During class activities, students’ can then easily access materials as needed without disturbing others’ flow.

Science lab microscope cabinets

The science lab microscope cabinets have a chemical-resistant, clear ultra-violet finish that promotes eco-friendliness. Units can also store 25 to 30 instruments to ensure more efficient and convenient equipment consolidation. It allows everything to look cleaner and more organized while secured behind durable tempered glass doors. The components have the material strength to resist breaking, helping protect all from injury during use.

science lab microscope cabinetsFurthermore, it can withstand scratch damage from everyday wear and tear to ensure long-lasting use. Schools can then reuse the casework to meet new and existing students’ needs through the years, saving money on equipment. Units look stylish and provide high-quality clarity to simplify instrument identification. During non-use, stored equipment avoids being stolen or tampered with since the hinged oak doors have three-point locking handles.

Doors: Units have hinged oak doors with three-point locking handles and 3/16″ tempered glass design durable enough to protect equipment and users from harm. 

Shelves: Includes two fixed and three adjustable shelves that allow flexible placement on 1″ increments to ensure users have full access to the available space. Shelves can support a weight capacity totaling 165 lbs.

Wire Dividers: Adjustable wire dividers create storage slots for microscopes of various sizes. Dividers allow removal if you want to use the available storage space to meet general classroom supply needs.

Finish: Hardwood veneer cabinets with a chemical resistant clear UV finish that promotes eco-friendliness.

Certifications: MAS green certified. SEFA 8 certified.

Assembly: Systems ship assembled to simplify installation and speed use.

Warranty: Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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