Science anatomy class casegoods promote collaborative learning & more

lab tables wall cabinets storage drawer countersSchool lab tables, wall cabinets, and storage drawer counters provide science anatomy class casegoods flexible enough to promote collaborative learning and more. Some systems install to underused areas, creating a clean continuous run that maximizes space. Others allow facilities enough space to integrate comfortable mobile seating. Students then have the flexibility to relocate and can contribute more to small group activities.

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Lab tables wall cabinets & storage drawer counters

Have experts configure the school lab tables, wall cabinets, and storage drawer counters with accessories during design to ensure solutions look and function as users need. Some available options include:

  • science anatomy class casegoodsElectrical plugs with efficient power to ensure electronics perform up to standard during lessons. In the sample installation, experts integrated the specialized components close to lab tables’ work surfaces. It provides educators with an economical way to increase system functionality without sacrificing its attractive look. Students then have easy, ergonomic access to the latest technology without leaving their seat.
  • The space-saving wall cabinets and storage drawer counters have matching ergonomic pull handles that allow users safe access to stored materials. Educators can organize sample equipment on interior shelves and preserve items’ integrity during nonuse. It ensures everything avoids getting damaged and performs up to standard when class resumes.
  • Security locks on the see-thru doors and drawers provide efficient theft protection, allowing facilities to experience less property loss. Students can then reuse existing materials to study concepts and practice proper techniques.

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