increasing storage density

mobile pallet rack storage system uses one moving aisle to save 50% or more spaceA major online and mail order retailer needed a way to consolidate their current bicycle assembly line from a distribution center into their main warehousing facility, which served as the central hub for multiple retail locations. A mobile pallet rack storage system was installed to accommodate the retailer’s seasonal inventory spike within their existing 40,000 square foot footprint.

Traditional static pallet racking needs extra space for every individual aisle. The mobile pallet rack storage system eliminates this wasted space by requiring only one movable access aisle at a time and compacting other aisles together when not in use. Click to view mobile pallet rack videos.

solution & benefits

mobile pallet rack storage system accommodates inventory spikes

The warehouse consisted of several rows of racking made up of 9- and 12-bay sections. Placing the racks on mobile carriages allowed them to increase their bays from 36 to 54. The extra 18 bays in turn provided the facility with 72 more levels of storage. In addition, the mobile pallet rack storage system was able to gain the warehouse nearly 50% more storage capacity in the same footprint. They were also able to save on costs, since they were able to install their existing racks on the mobile system.

Seasonal items such as ski equipment could also be stored and sent to the retail locations without the need for an increase in activity or new personnel. This allowed the management team to keep their workflow steady and reduce spikes in inventory and staff.

Safety was also an important factor for the retailer. At the push of a button, the mobile carriages begin to move at 3.5 inches per second. For added safety, the system uses photo-eye safety sweeps for the entire length of the racking sections and will stop immediately if anything breaks the beam of light; for instance, a worker or inventory in an aisle. To reactivate the system, the obstacle must be removed and the safety interlock cleared on the control panel.

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